Why the FBI is Refusing to Investigate and Prosecute the Worst Instigators at the Capitol

As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, I was at the Capitol January 6th (don’t worry I already got my FBI visit) and let me tell you, if half a million people wanted to burn it down to the ground and start an insurrection….there would have been no stopping us. Instead it felt more like a 4th of July celebration, singing songs, waving flags, making friends with strangers. It was pretty fun, right up until they decided to throw flash grenades and tear gas at the peaceful crowd I was standing in. What I saw in person, and what I saw portrayed on TV never matched up. For 4 years we watched BLM and Antifa flip over cars, shoot at cops, loot stores, and burn down buildings…all to the chagrin of Democrat representatives, happily watching their destructive agenda getting pushed along. But some people walked into a building their taxes pay for, where cops are letting them through….and the media compares it to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor? Are they high?

But it seems the false narrative of the Capitol “riot” has been falling apart at the seams recently. The FBI appears to have had a very dirty hand stirring things up that day…and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. For months, the FBI slow walked releasing the security camera footage from the Capitol….but why? Don’t they want to catch all the “domestic terrorists” that dared to walk around talking selfies? The thing is, they can’t release the footage from the tapes…because their own informants are on them and they don’t want anyone to recognize them. You see, some of the worst people instigating violence at the Capitol that day….were working directly with the FBI. The powers that be *really* don’t want you demanding election audits, and they’re willing to frame honest Americans to stop you.

Over 20+ FBI informants were not only involved, but ringleaders in inciting violence that day…all things the FBI has refused to charge them with. OAN host Bobby Powell handed over 29 minutes of high definition footage to the FBI of two individuals he witnessed breaking windows to get in…but the FBI won’t even post them on their website to help catch them. Why?

Naturally, Facebook and Twitter are both actively flagging and removing posts that imply the FBI had a hand in enabling and escalating the violence at the Capitol….their reasoning? They claim it can’t be true….because that’s not what FBI informants are supposed to do. Yea, no kidding, that’s sort of the whole point.

And as much as the media played up that this was an “armed insurrection” only 5 individuals out of half a million were actually caught at the Capitol with illegal firearms….and one was a trans Antifa counter protester that was let completely go without a single charge, as were the two Antifa accomplices that lied to the cops about the weapons that were with him. But wait, what was Antifa doing in DC at the Capitol? Isn’t the FBI still insisting that they weren’t there at all? I walked around the entire building that day and never once did I see a single demonstration or protest from them. If they were there to “counter-protest” then where the hell were they? Is now a good time to mention that Antifa was spotted all over the grounds that day pretending to be Trump supporters to start trouble? Here are 3 of them are changing into Trump gear in the bushes…you tell me “Why?”

The main guy who walked in with a CNN reporter and videoed the murder of Ashli Babbit was a rabid BLM activist who dressed up a Trump supporter…so why is it such a “conspiracy theory” to assume that’s what they were there for?

Not to mention that Patriots were recognizing Antifa at the Capitol, remembering them from altercations from previous rallies:

Why were several buses of Antifa seen, being police escorted to the Capitol leading up to the riot?

You can watch two other angles of Antifa buses being escorted in, on Stop the Hate’s video “here.” So why despite all the proof, is the FBI trying to say there were no Antifa present whatsoever at the Capitol that day?

Let’s do a recap:

• The locks to the doors at the Capitol are magnetized, so who unlocked them?

• Why won’t they release the name of Ashli Babbit’s murderer? When you EVER heard of that happening before?

• Why is the head of the FBI so insistent that Leftists being mixed in with the crowd that day is a “conspiracy theory” when there are multiple videos that they were?

• Even if they had burned the Capitol down to the ground….why would that be a reason NOT to do the audit? A half a million people showed up that didn’t do anything other than stand on a lawn, not to mention everyone across the country that wanted one.

• Why are they refusing to do election audits in states where they absolutely did not conduct, valid elections with the required transparency? Wouldn’t you want to set the record straight if you truly believed your side won?

• Why is the DC Attorney Genera refusing to arrest any of last summer’s violent BLM rioters, but prosecuting every possible lady that waved a flag? Why are there Patriots sitting in jail without bail for trespass charges, if they never entered the building? Why are they in solitary with multiple reports of getting beat down by officers? For trespassing?! They even broke the orbital bone of one guy.

• Why after years of nonstop, baseless “Russian Russia Russia” collusion nagging, has it suddenly become a “dangerous conspiracy theory” to believe that election fraud occurs? I lost my Twitter, as did hundreds of thousands of other people just for questioning the election. That is not what innocent people do.

So Zuckerberg using his platform to promote Biden and spending $350 million dollars (millions of which can’t be accounted for) isn’t interfering in an election, but posting proof of voter fraud after the fact is? How politically convenient.

Audit the damn vote, you’ve got Rasmussen polls saying 55% of Americans want one, and I’m sure that number will only grow as Arizona is set to release their findings very soon.

Since I’ve kicked off of everything for posting about voter fraud, you can follow updated news about the Nevada Audit either through my telegram https://t.me/AmericanAFMindyRobinson or uncensored on GAB which you can bookmark through the DuckDuckGo app for easy access at @AmericanAFMindy

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1 year ago

Love this!!!

Lara M. Runger CAPT USAF (Ret)
Lara M. Runger CAPT USAF (Ret)
1 year ago

Great piece very well done and documented. WTG figuring out time-travel in order to manipulate the election!