Why is Harvard Promoting a Lie About “Jesus’ Wife”

Is Harvard promoting a lie about “Jesus Wife?” According to our good friend Dinesh D’Souza, they absolutely are spreading this blasphemy.

A close look at a scandal of biblical proportions at Harvard shows why America’s leading university isn’t just shoddy and negligent. It is actively involved in suppressing truth and promoting lies, in this case a lie about “Jesus’ wife.”

“If it’s happening at Harvard, you know that higher education is experiencing a serious crisis of the intellect.],” D’Souza stated.

This all began several years ago back in 2014 when The Harvard Theological Review published at that time a world famous Harvard Divinity School Professor named Karen King, a feminist according to Dinesh.

She claimed that she had found a new Christian mini script. That had talked about “Jesus Wife” and that he was in fact married. Karen King in a seminar called the seminar “The Gospel of Jesus Wife.”

It contravenes 2,000 years of Christian history. After the seminar, the Harvard Theological Review published a kind of special edition, 29 pages with multiple essays about this discovery. It included reports from professors at MIT, Columbia, and looked to be a revolutionary finding about a document that no one had noticed before. It would have been huge if it was accurate.

Right away there were scholars who looked at this right away and said, “this is ridiculous, this is a forgery.” However the Harvard Theological Review stood by Karen King, and this claim that Jesus had a wife. They did it on the so called basis of “peer review.”

The peer process in this case was highly corrupted. Why you ask? Because the sole favorable reviewer of the manuscript of this Jesus wife document if you will was Roger Bagnall. Roger Bagnall had confessed that he was the co-author of the paper with Karen King. So he co-wrote the paper in the first place, he wasn’t a reviewer.

The person at MIT that was endorsing the article was a family friend of Karen King. In fact he was an usher in her wedding. The Columbia social scientist who had endorsed this was Roger Bagnall’s brother in law. Do you see how it’s all connected? There’s no independent reviewers here, it’s hilarious.

As other scholars say hey, we need to take another look at this, and they find out that the real source of this is an internet pornographer. You have a guy who was enrolled in an Egyptologist program that he failed out of, and then he went into internet porn.

Dinesh laughs “this is fantastic, what I’m getting at is you’ve got a guy who was apparently enrolled in an egyptology program that he failed out of, and then he went into internet porn as a profession. And this guy cooked up this manuscript, it’s a complete forgery, a complete fake, he made it up. So once this was discovered the cover was blown. There’s no papyrus, there’s no manuscript, Jesus didn’t have a wife”

Dinesh explains there’s only one thing to do, but what will those at the Harvard Theological Review do?

“At this point there’s only one thing left to do, repudiate the manuscript, explain that it was published in error, say that the peer review process failed, say that the peer reviewers were not legitimate independent reviewers, they were basically associates or cronies or pals of those who wrote the manuscript.”

To date, the Harvard Theological Review has yet to do this. They have continued to pretend like this is a valid debate over two sides, even though there is no debate left, the author has admitted it’s a forgery.

“Never the less, what we have is a prominent academic journal and this is a journal by the way with the support of the Harvard administration, Harvards former President Drew Gilpin Faust was supposed to have conducted a review of this matter, and refuses to intervene,” D’Souza stated.

“Our trust in academia and more specifically in Harvard takes a heavy blow, these people have been outed as known liars.”


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