Why is a Dark Money Group in Nevada Attacking Independent Conservative America First Candidate Mindy Robinson to Help Her Weak RINO Opponent

Mindy Robinson is a contributor for The DC Patriot, so we’re obviously going to be a little biased. We’re a conservative leaning news site, and we report the truth. Mindy has worked with our own Matt Couch for years on the Las Vegas Shooting, among other investigations. She’s a staunch conservative, loves America, and fights all over the country for the truth and for the Republic.

So that begs the question, why is the Nevada GOP slandering a 3rd party, conservative, libertarian candidate running as in independent for Nevada State Assembly District 35? Mindy’s not the enemy here, in fact she’s one of the most conservative females in America.

Tiffany Jones is the GOP hand picked opponent in District 35 or Las Vegas, Nevada. But what the GOP was insane. They literally accused Robinson of being a porn star, which isn’t true at all. She’s starred in tons of movies, many are on Netflix, and yes she’s gorgeous and in a couple you can see her boobs. Guess what, I’ve seen Demi Moores boobs, I’ve seen Sharon Stones boobs, I’ve seen Cindy Crawfords boobs, are they porn stars? Nope, and this accusation is vile and disgusting.

Robinson called what the GOP did “dumb, made up stuff” and the typical slinging of mud, instead of sticking to the issues at hand. Robisnon’s response wasn’t so kind, and she unloaded on the GOP and their allegations and slanderous lies about her.

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“Hey, Mindy Robinson here, your Libertarian candidate for Assembly District 35 in beautiful sunny Las Vegas. Apparently, I have to clarify a few things, thanks to the dirty tactics of one of my opponents. It’s going to get real fun, so hang on. Well, for starters, the other day, I received a phone call asking me to vote for ‘Michael Gorelow,’ To which I respond, ‘Do you mean Michelle Gorelow, my Democrat political opponent?’ Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’m going to be voting for myself, but solid group of dedicated volunteers you got there, they know you so well.”

Robinson then directed her focus to Tiffany Jones, claiming that political operatives working on the behalf of Jones’ came up with a shady and likely unlawful anonymous mass text message campaign that described her as “the whore of Babylon,” among other slanderous and libelous characterization attacks.

“And then secondly, apparently mass text messages went out yesterday on behalf of my Republican opponent, anonymously, which is completely illegal and against FEC rules, but nonetheless, clearly on her behalf – defaming me as the whore of Babylon and a bunch of other personal attacks because she can’t touch my politics. They’re better than hers.”

Robinson wasn’t finished with her response quite yet.

“And Tiffany Jones, just so you know, I have been sitting on this pile of dirt because you have a lot of enemies this entire time, and I’m not talking like dumb, made-up stuff you have on me; I’m talking real awful things that if people knew they would hate you. And I’m not going to use it because I’m better than you. And I don’t need to. I can actually stand alone in my activism.”

Robinson has done it all from confronting Lindsey Graham at a Washington, D.C. airport and calling him a traitor and a fraud as many Americans feel, to speaking on stage all over America for election integrity, voter registration, and the rights of all Americans. What has Tiffany Jones actually done?

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“You see, while you did absolutely nothing during COVID tyranny, I was leading rallies, organizing protests. I don’t even have kids, and I’m at the school board meeting, trying to protect them from getting forced vaccinated. Didn’t see you there. Didn’t see you anywhere. Actually, I never even heard of you until you decided to campaign and ask for money, which is the third time you’ve done, apparently.”

Robinson also eluded to the fact that what the GOP is doing to her with the Jones’ campaign is an prime example of “dark money” involved in American politics.

“This isn’t a joke, this is real. Our community deserves better than schools that are 49th in the nation, of rising crime that’s out of control, perpetual construction that’s in every direction I go because of these deals they make with real estate people that are probably backing you. You are backed by the same dark money group behind Lombardo – you know, the corrupt sheriff. I spent half a year putting a documentary together about how he covered up the Las Vegas shooting, and I can prove it. That’s who’s backing you? That’s who’s backing him.”

Robinson should win the election, she’s by far and away the most conservative candidate in the race. She’s the best fighter in the race. She cares about Nevadans and Americans, and she’s actually walked the walk, not just talked it.

“And I’m sorry if I’m taking your votes. That’s kind of on you. I’m an America First candidate. I believe in election fraud. Even if I win, I want an election audit to prove that I won. You won’t even talk about it. You don’t talk about anything real. And stop telling people they’re throwing their votes away on a third-party candidate because, actually, there are more registered independents and nonpartisans in this district than either Democrats or Republicans – that’s actually true for the whole state. So yeah, I’m going to take your votes, sorry. Even if every Republican voted for you, you wouldn’t win. And you don’t deserve to, you’re a RINO who doesn’t represent conservatives, the Democrats know better, she hasn’t done anything last two years other than raise taxes. The community needs me, quite frankly. And even if I lose, I’m not going to stop fighting for them. That’s true, but I would like to be in a better position to fight for them, which is why I am doing this – the only reason I’m doing this. So stop playing games. This is serious. These are people’s lives, their children – stop, grow up and treat this as real as it deserves. Thank you.”

“I’m doing everything these fake politicians promise to do on the campaign trail – and then forget about later whether they win or lose. The powers that be are terrified of  a third-party, America First, pro-liberty candidate is destroying their do-nothing candidates – and it shows.”

For clarity, Mindy Robinson is FULLY endorsed by The DC Patriot! We don’t care about your feelings! If you’re in Las Vegas District 35, Mindy Robinson is the ONLY choice!

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Lowell Mather
Lowell Mather
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boobs AND brains!! GO MINDY GO!!!