Why Does Joe Biden Have a Fake White House Studio? INSIDE DETAILS and Video and of this Bizarre Presidency as Former Trump Adviser Stephen Miller Explains

One of the most insane things to date of the Biden presidency is the fact that the administration created a phony White House set to do videos from.

It was used to show Joe Biden getting his booster shots.

It was used when Biden gave a prerecorded speech for Martin Luther King, Jr. day, and a few other occasions.

It’s been used for meetings with business leaders and CEO’s of major companies, and yet no one seems to ask the question of why? Why isn’t someone asking what in the blue hell is going on here America?

Well now we’ve got an inside look from former Trump adviser Stephen Miller who gave his thoughts on what’s going on with the fake White House and why it is being used.

Here’s a look at the Fake White House set:

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9 months ago

The following is a detailed list of the genuine elements of this administration:

Enrico Falcone
9 months ago

Propaganda requires that the message must be clear
But not too direct to overcome what the people may fear

If the surroundings are too imposeing or even too austere
What you see may in someway overcome what you hear

9 months ago

There’s a new video going viral that YouTube keeps taking down of journalists being directed through tunnels and ending up at the fake set.