Why did the FBI Use a Phony Photo from the Mar-a-Lago Raid to Try to Frame Donald J. Trump?

As you probably know by now and reported here at The DC Patriot, the photograph that the FBI leaked of the classified folders laying all over the floor was a bust. The federal judge in the case confirmed on Monday that over 80+ of those types of folders were actually empty.

That’s right, they are trying to frame Trump, and make him look terrible. After all we’ve seen of the Russian Hoax, Collusion, and all of the other BS stories, who’s still buying this crap?

The following is from Jeffrey Lord, someone who knows Donald Trump very well. Its’ from Lord’s website over at Spectator.org

Which brings us to that now-infamous photo published by the FBI of classified documents at Mar-a-Largo — the documents spread willy-nilly all over the floor.

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Hello? Hello?

There is no way Trump would have real-estate brochures or family photos spread around on the floor of his various offices, let alone classified documents that had been declassified. Never, say again never, in all my visits in various places was anything remotely out of place.

Which is to say that this photograph looks like a deliberate attempt to frame Trump for something he would never do in a thousand years even if he had never been president. Trump himself has insisted, “They dropped them, not me — Very deceiving.”

So, if true, the obvious question? Who specifically in the FBI removed those documents from whatever container they were in and willfully — deliberately — spread them all over the floor in Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, taking a photograph to deliberately mislead the public? Something that in and of itself would be surely a violation of security procedures if not of federal law.

In fact, how were these documents handled by the FBI? Were the FBI agents wearing gloves as they handled them? If not, look to this information, supplied by the FBI itself on the official FBI website. The headline:

Lord brings up some great points, why are heads not rolling at the corrupt and tattered FBI and Department of Justice? You would have to be a bumbling fool, or a radical Democrat to actually believe this nonsense.

Read more at Spectator.org

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