Who’s Fact Checking the “Fact Checkers?”

Whenever I see a flagged post by “fact checkers” on Facebook, I’ve made a fun game out of clicking on it to see how they’re lying to me this time. Without fail, almost every time I check these fake fact checker sites (which are painfully biased and openly financially supported by Facebook and the Chinese Communist Party themselves) they use fallacies of logic, word manipulation, and often don’t even back up their own “references” they’re referencing to make whatever leftist narrative lie they’re pimping “true.”

But now with the inescapable conclusion that this covid injection (it is not a vaccine, they actually changed the definition of “vaccine” in the dictionary so they could call this abomination one) has had numerous fatal side effects, complications, and questions about whether it even works at all littering my Facebook newsfeed, the Zuck has gone into overdrive to suppress all of it.

It is in fact almost impossible to make any post about the vaccine or it’s side effects and NOT get flagged with a warning and a link sending you to a site about how “safe” it is. Now at a new level of low, Zuckerberg has taken to fact checking people’s opinions on covid…I kid you not.

What the person was trying to say, was that since this “vaccine” only has emergency approval (and that’s true)…that they need an emergency (like a government mandated lockdown) to have an excuse to force it on everyone. That actually makes sense if you think about it, why would people take an experimental injection that’s not approved, that’s had zero long term tests, and has had no generation side effect tests done at all…be taken by people en masse UNLESS there was an emergency or some kind of reason to force it on them anyway?

That’s not good enough for the commies at Facebook though, they go into this deep explanation that vaccinations can be given out at anytime (no duh) so they label this man’s entire opinion as “false” ….his OPINION, that happens to make more sense than anything else about covid on my FB timeline at this point.

Opinions weren’t the only thing Facebook felt the need to heavily censor this week. People (including yours truly again) got slammed with warnings and restrictions for posting a Gateway Pundit link to a study that found masks were ineffective…and that if anything made people’s health overall worse.

And then…

First off, ALL STUDIES ARE HYPOTHESES! Whether the testing proves it true or false is the point of it, and in this case they found masks were more harmful than good. The fake fact checker site goes on to complain that masks don’t effect oxygen intake and other things even an idiot would know they’re lying to you about, and never actually address any of the other studies that say masks don’t work, nor do they attach any actual references of their own claim that mask do work. I guess we’re supposed to just go off the fact they “say so” or something. (I’m sure someone will rush to add some kind of BS references to it now, because I’m calling them out.)

For the record, I got a 30 day ban for posting that article about masks.

My page has been hit CONSTANTLY by these fake fact checker sites, it’s how they control what people see. Did I post profanity, porn, threats? No….I posted conservative content that went against the Left’s narrative.

But biased online censorship is nothing new, and we all know it’s only going to get worse as the destructive Left is forced to circle the wagons around a growingly angry populace. In fact, Facebook has been suppressing narratives that go against the radical Left for years, only recently has it gotten so blatant that even the “normies” have noticed.

The problem is…the narrative and news Facebook has been blocking this whole time as “fake” isn’t fake at all. Let me explain how bad it’s gotten:

I run a page on Facebook called “Conservatives vs. Liberals: Fight Me in the Comments” where I censor nothing nor remove anything, I just let people go at it in debates. Then I got a warning from Facebook that the page was going to be suppressed due to it posting “false information.”

Now what’s unintentionally interesting is that this is a page for both liberals and conservatives…but out of all the posts that were labeled fake news, only one pro-left post was labeled “fake” and even then they didn’t do it justice probably because it defended Trump in it.

Someone posted a fake tweet of Trump complaining about something and it was labeled as “partly false” because there’s no way Trump could have ever made the tweet because he only tweeted 3 times that particular year and none of it was about what they were saying, plus it had too many characters in it and Twitter only in recent years extended it and the tweet was dated from way before that. How the hell that is only “partly false” when it is most definitely false and could have never ever been possibly true?

Don’t even get me started on the fake looking and generic “Lead Stories” site Facebook uses for most of these “fact checks.” Lead stories is one of the sites the CCP directly funds…you know, our communist enemy who’s the one trying to kill us with coronavirus in the first place? Yea, why exactly are they in charge of shaping America’s mass opinion again?

But wait there’s more….

One of the posts that got hit mentioned how Democrats intended to protect illegal aliens in a bill they passed. Facebook fact checked it and claimed it was “false” because the order was only “temporary.”

So in other words….it’s true? No one was talking about how long it’s supposed to last, also USA Today is hardly an “independent 3rd party” fact checker. Their articles are leftist as hell…or shall I remind everyone about the “chainsaw attachment bayonet” story they infamously ran without checking. Or the time they fact checked me for saying Dominion donated to an anti-Trump Republican PAC in my home state as “false” because they weren’t anti-Trump…they just didn’t openly support him. Oh Ok, huge difference. 👌🏻

Someone else made a post about those BLM supporters that made the news rounds for beating the hell out of praying Catholics. Facebook deemed it “partly false” because there’s no way of knowing if the guy that was being punched in the picture was actually Catholic. Because *that’s* what matters here…

Reuters goes on to defend their “conclusion” by claiming some random guy on FB (who claims he was the guy punched) was there for some nonsensical reason that does not make sense. Solid reporting there. 👌🏻 Clearly these third party fact checker sites really do their homework and should be allowed to decide who’s right or wrong for the entire country on social media.

Someone also posted a picture of Biden with someone that’s supposed to have been a KKK grand wizard, but Facebook declared it “false” because the guy only had regular ties to the KKK…because that’s somehow better. (🤷🏼‍♀️)

Someone else made a post about how that malaria drug has been proving helpful fighting coronavirus…which it is. But fear mongering Facebook some how found a way to claim that too was “false.”

Unsupported? Because some health site no one has ever heard of said so? It’s being used all over the world, why the flying hell would this be fake news and being suppressed by Twitter? This is communist China level BS right here.

This one’s good too. Someone posted that Colin Kaeperdick cost Nike money after that stupid ad they did with him….because they did, and Facebook labeled it as “false” because although they openly admitted it was true…it’s considered “old news” and thus “fake” now.

What in the actual…..ugh!? In what universe does something become “untrue” because time went by? It actually states that it is true by their own admission. Remember, these are the people trying to rewrite all the history books…and it’s honestly quite terrifying how little they care about the truth.

There’s tons more like these, and they’re all as equally stupid.

My personal FB page of over 200k Patriots is also being limited and threatened to get “unpublished” for posting “fake news” stories that are actually true even by their own “fact checker’s” admittance. I already lost my 250k+ verified Twitter by these people for posting “daring” to post proof of voter fraud (they accused me election meddling 2 months after the election) what a fun time it is to be alive.

Another good one I should mention was when Facebook labeled something as “false” because no one complained about it…even though hundreds of people complained about it.

So…hundreds of people admittedly complained about it, but that’s not considered “proof” it happened? Really?

In fact, if you post anything that makes BLM, ANTIFA, or the Left look bad…they’ll find a reason to claim you are lying. If you post anything about how masks don’t work against covid…BECAUSE THEY DON’T…FB will hide the post.

What right does a social media platform have to tell YOU how to think, and what is right?

Facebook is actively controlling public opinion by manipulating these newsfeeds that don’t share their radical leftist ideas and opinions. This is tied into Google as well, as it’s these very same fake fact checking sites that come up first when you search for anything on there. This is a huge, huge problem. We’ve already seen how the mainstream media is corrupt and social media was the only way around it to call them out when they doctored footage or used fake video clips. Now we don’t even have that. We are being forced to only see what one side wants us to see, and we’re getting into some really scary territory in this country. Conservatives will vote conservative, liberals will vote liberal…it’s the people in the middle who swing the votes one way or the other, and they are being actively manipulated.

Why isn’t anyone in the GOP doing anything about this? They’ve already canceled President Trump…none of us are safe.

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[…] Who’s Fact Checking the “Fact Checkers?” […]

1 year ago

Shared. Thanks for collating all of this. This is journalism! 🤡🌎


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Robin Harrington
Robin Harrington
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