Whole Foods Cuts Workers Hours to Make Up for It’s New $15 An Hour Wage

You can’t make up this level of stupidity from the left. This is why Amazon is a cancer on the economics of America, and I’ve been saying it for years.

Reports now coming out that Whole Foods is cutting its workers hours in order to make up for its new $15-an-hour wage.

After Amazon raised its company-wide wage floor to $15 last year, workers at Whole Foods are seeing their hours slashed.

The part of the liberal insanity when you raise minimum wages like this, is most companies can’t afford it. So instead of everyone benefiting, customer service fails and hours are slashed.

Workers at Whole Foods (which Amazon bought in 2017) told the Guardian that after Amazon enacted a $15 minimum wage last fall, they’ve seen their shifts cut dramatically. One employee in Illinois said they dropped from 30 hours a week to 20; their take-home pay actually declined after the hourly raise. These shift reductions have affected workers across the board, particularly part-time workers, who saw their hours reduced from 30 to 21 per week on average.

In a statement to Fast Company, Whole Foods refuted the claims of the workers and said: “Our full-time store Team Members averaged the same number of hours in January and February 2019 as they did during the same time last year. We are proud to have increased the hourly wage for all store Team Members, and we will continue to schedule labor hours based on individual store needs to create the best experience for our Team Members and customers.”Whole Foods did not address the effect on part-time workers.

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