Who Won the Nevada Gubernatorial Republican Debate?

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and when it comes to local political corruption our media here makes sure that’s exactly what happens. Which is why it’s important for people like me to report on the real news in Nevada. For instance, Channel 8 recently hosted a live gubernatorial debate….that for the first time featured the establishment backed hack Joe “No Show” Lombardo who had been ducking debates with other candidates and the public altogether. Why? Because everyone hates him. Seriously, you have no idea. While Lombardo is supposed to be a Republican, as Sheriff of Las Vegas he did NOTHING while our Democrat Governor (who is is personal friend and who’s campaign he has also personally supported) stripped Nevadans of our rights, forced vaccinations and mandates on us, closed schools and churches, and destroyed small businesses and our economy. Lombardo is for pro-red flag laws, is against constitutional carry, and even forced his own recruits to be vaccinated against their will. What’s worse (if that’s even possible) is he’s also the guy responsible for covering up the murder of 58 people during the Las Vegas shooting….which I’m sure has NOTHING to do with the amount of money corporations and casinos have dumped into his campaign throughout the years. I spent half a year making the documentary about how blatant and poorly done that cover up was, you can watch here, but it’s age restricted so you have to sign in:

So what happens when an unpopular, corrupt establishment lacky like Lombardo actually has to defend all his crap actions and stances against the other people running? He got freaking wrecked, that’s what happened. The people’s choice Joey Gilbert masterfully answered every question to a tee, while Lombardo stumbled, back tracked, fidgeted, and at one point even got torn into by both Gilbert and Heller over Lombardo’s refusal to deal with the unchecked crime and illegal immigration endangering our city.

You can watch the whole hour long debate right here: https://www.8newsnow.com/video/nevada-race-for-governor-republican-primary-debate/7713707/

I also made a highlight reel for those without as much time as me, which will include such amazing gems as when another candidate running for Governor (who I had honestly never heard of before) “solution” to Nevada’s water problem….which was to “pump it in” from the Mississippi River delta instead. Who can watch that craziness here: https://tv.gab.com/channel/americanafmindy/view/nevada-gubernatorial-republican-debate-highlights-and-629a90c86b2530a3c8c40669

With primaries around the corner, it seems despite Lombardo’s heavily corporate funded campaign…it’s Joey Gilbert who has drastically taken the lead. It turns out people prefer to get behind a fighter that’s actually been rallying, protesting, and suing to end mandates and reopen schools….than a corrupt Sheriff who can’t even make an appearance without be heckled, and ran past reporters after the debate to avoid the same old questions he’s been avoiding the public about for years.

For a list of all the other America First candidates to support and vote for in Nevada here is a guide from Patriot 911: https://patriot911news.com/2022/05/america-first-candidate-guide-nevada-2022/



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1 year ago

Joey’s bus was often in from of the Southern Nevada Health District – the vax place.

Class. Never causing a scene but providing an alternative position if people wanted to hear it.

No other Candidate DID THiNGS beside Joey.

Joey Gilbert for a brighter day!

1 year ago

I was all for Gilbert until he fumbled the abortion question. He said the current law says abortions are permissible up to 24 weeks, but he would like to see it lowered to 20 weeks. Heller said he wanted to see heartbeat detection, and Lee said he didn’t want any abortions except for mother’s health, etc.