Who Unlocked the Capitol’s Magnetic Doors on January 6th?


When I arrived at the Capitol building January 6th, people were already saying that the cops were being cool and letting everyone in. Keep in mind, all cell phone service and data for a mile or more around the building were being blocked that day, and word of mouth was all we had to know what was going on. For no discernible reason the peaceful, older crowd I was standing with was tear gassed and we ended up dispersing before it was even nightfall. The peaceful rally I attended in all day and the “riot” that they portrayed on TV, couldn’t have possibly been more different from real life. Almost immediately everyone that attended the rally was labeled a “seditionist” or “domestic terrorist” and the FBI was quick to visit me and every else that I knew that was there, whether they were inside or not. Even people that never stepped foot inside were being targeted, doxxed, harassed, and arrested for even the slightest connection to to Trump or the rally. This is the exact same city whose Attorney General has refused to prosecute any of the BLM and Antifa rioters that looted stores and burned down buildings last summer….so why were they chasing down every old lady waving a flag or veteran taking a selfie?

As I’ve previously reported, there’s something seriously wrong with the Capitol “riot” story, and a lot of questions that have yet to be answered. One of the most important being “Who in charge decided to let People in?” The doors of the Capitol are magnetically locked, they don’t just “open” if you push on them….you have to be let in. After almost 6 months after it happened, Senator Ron Johnson was finally able to get a hold of the inside security footage of that day the Capitol police have been refusing to release….and what did he find? It revealed that an unauthorized individual tried to open the door from the inside and failed….only to have 5 more unauthorized individuals show up minutes later to try the same door….where it opened freely.

Who unlocked the door? Why did the officer wave them through? Upon further examination of the video, over 300 individuals out of the 800 that were inside the Capitol that day were let in through that one door alone. That doesn’t even include all the other videos that exist of cops letting people through other doors. This changes the entire narrative of the Capitol riot, as well as explains why yet again, much like with Hunter’s laptop and anything related to covid….the mainstream news and social media platforms were playing defense to protect and perpetuate this anti-Trump, false leftist narrative. Find out who unlocked those doors from the inside….and you’ll find out who truly orchestrated and escalated the event.

Keep in mind, at this point Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell had already refused to add extra security measures when the DC Police Chief pleaded with them days earlier. For people in hysterics and “fear” for their lives….they certainly went out of their way NOT to secure the building in any manner that day. Over 400+ Patriots been arrested and charged for being at the Capitol that day, including 2 individuals that are sitting in jail without bail or a trial for the “murder” of a police officer that was ruled natural causes (a stroke) months ago. Capitol police have still refused to name the officer that shot Ashli Babbit…a visibly unarmed veteran. It seems like the Capitol police must be living by a set of different rules, because I have never once heard of a bad shooting incident caught on camera, where it was dismissed and they completely refused to name the cop so no one else could look into him either. Only 5 people that were arrested at the Capitol, were actually caught carrying illegal firearms? That’s hardly the “armed insurrection” that was portrayed all over TV. One of the 5 caught with an illegal gun at the Capitol was a trans Antifa counter-protester…yet they were let go without a single charge, why? Before the election even occurred, radical leftist groups were already actively planning to shut down DC and attack the White House in the case of a Trump win. That’s not a conspiracy theory either. The leaders of several radical leftist groups, media personnel, and federal employees were caught on video as they planned the entire “coup” as they called it, during various Zoom meetings. You can watch the whole traitorous act here: https://www.millennialmillie.com/post/election-2020-coup-plot-exposed Why aren’t these people being looked at or charged for actual sedition caught on tape?

Let me play devil’s advocate here, even if we had burned the entire Capitol building (that we pay for with our own taxes) down to the ground that day….why would that stop an election audit from happening? You would punish the entire country for the actions of a group of protesting peasants that dared to enter your hallowed halls? How convenient. If the election was truly legit….than why are they fighting so hard against doing a forensic audit? Nevadan State officials have already been slapped with signed affidavits from nonpartisan demanding a forensic audit as is their right through their own state constitution. Why haven’t they responded yet? It’s written right into the constitution it’s their right to one if they ask? Wouldn’t innocent people welcome having their work verified? With even 30% of Democrats believing that voter fraud occurred (and that’s with the media black out, censorship, and suspension of everyone like me who posted proof of it) wouldn’t you want to set the record straight, once and for all? Why was election fraud (Russia, Russia, Russia) so concerning in every other election EXCEPT in 2020? Despite the fact CNN, NBC, and even top Dems like Elizabeth Warren all publicly stated how easily hackable these machines and their software are…suddenly the year they unexplainably win (despite a noticeably visible difference in support between the candidates) becomes the “most secure election of our time?” Huh?

America needs to be revisit the details and facts of the Capitol riot, and they need to be asking these very same questions. Why not just do a national audit to put this divided country at ease? Why are Democrats fighting so hard in Maricopa county right now against one? Why did most of our “stimulus” money go overseas for ridiculous reasons like Pakistani gender studies, and not to us? Why is Facebook taking down posts and groups talking about the side effects of this vaccine? Why are fake fact checkers flagging and censoring people all over social media for things that are very provably true? Why isn’t Ruby Freeman in jail when the world saw her hide ballots and pull them out at night and running them through multiple times on camera? She just asked for an attorney and said “This is bigger than me” and no one thinks that’s super suspicious? Why did they pause counting on election night in 5 states that all unexplainably flip from Trump to Biden in large Biden-only ballot dumps in the middle of the night? Why does every single contested state all happen to use the same Dominion software and machines? Why were votes subtracted from Trump and added to Biden multiple times on live TV that night? Why does the left want to constantly defund the police? Who do they intend on replacing them with? Their own federalize troops that will do their unconstitutional bidding? Is that why they’re actively trying to purge “extreme patriotism” from our military? Why are businesses and corporations being allowed to force vaccines on people, when it’s still experimental and there’s been no long term testing done at all? Why are people still being forced to wear masks when every study done proves they do very little in stopping viruses? Why are Congress members allowed to vote on energy bills and then buy stock on Tesla? Isn’t that insider trading? Why are politicians allowed to be paid by foreign, competing, and sometimes communist countries like China? Isn’t that a conflict of interest? Didn’t they just help create this virus that killed people and stoped the world’s economy? Why is the NSA allowed to spy on us without warrants, and why are civilian contractors that are part of the military industrialized complex allowed access to all our personal data by proxy? Why can’t we figure out who killed Epstein? Wouldn’t investigating who took him off suicide watch in the first place lead to an answer?

The release of Fauci’s emails prove that our media and our government have no problem lying to us to push an agenda. Maybe it’s time everything they’re doing be put into question.

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Victor B Anderson
Victor B Anderson
1 year ago

DEMaligNancy and her DEMinions !

3 months ago

We’re with you Mindy, you’re the voice of nameless nobodies like myself wanting the truth.