WHO Backs China Says No Evidence of Virus Before December

Shocker, the bought and paid for World Health Organization is backing up Beijing and saying that there is no evidence that the coronavirus existed before December of 2019 in China.

WHO experts have embellished the theory that Covid leaked from a lab as their fact-finding mission to China concludes.

Dr Embarek, who led the probe, said theory is ‘extremely unlikely’ and should not be studied any further.

Of course he does, I mean why would the WHO actually expose the Chinese government for corruption? I mean after all they’ve been so kind in regards to human rights over the years.

But wait, there’s more.

Dr. Embarek has now called for further studies into whether virus was imported into China, possibly on frozen foods. That’s right, people that eat bat soup next to a bioweapons lab aren’t the problem, it’s frozen foods America.

The findings will be a public relations coup for Beijing, which has repeatedly pointed finger of blame for pandemic oversea, and they’d love to try to blame the United States. The problem is the Biden administration is weak enough to accept this nonsense.

It will also provide ammunition to the WHO’s critics, who feared mission would become part of the Chinese white-washing exercise with potentially embarrassing or incriminating evidence hidden from researchers. That’s right, they’re using the World Health Organization to try to make themselves look innocent. This is Biden’s America, zero push back on the Chinese.

He further revealed that Huanan Seafood Market – the market where the first cluster of Covid cases was detected – was not the only market in the city to be hit by the infection.

‘While some of the early cases had close association with Huanan Seafood Market, others were associated with other markets,’ he said, ‘and other cases have no market association at all.

‘It is likely that Huanan Market acted as focus for virus transmission, but the virus was also transmitted elsewhere at the same time. It is not possible on basis of current information to establish how the virus was introduced into Hunan market.’

In fact, he claimed, the earliest confirmed case of Covid in Wuhan – which occurred on December 8 – had no connection to any market within the city. 

You can read more of this nonsense over at The Daily Mail.

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