White House Says Most National Parks Are Open

Most national parks are open and it’s just not natural to the human condition to remain indoors at all times, nor is it (strictly speaking) necessary. Although it’s important for us to maintain a 6-foot distance between us and other people, for now, it’s a lot easier to do that in the great outdoors than it is in a city or suburban recreational area.  

America’s public lands belong to you, and they remain open for you to visit and enjoy (although some of the facilities and amenities such as on-site gift shops could be closed). 

America’s public lands belong to the American people.  Many of us regularly visit national parks, wildlife refuges, and other recreational sites spread out across more than 500 million acres of land managed by the Department of the Interior.

The nation’s public lands range from urban parks with roller-skating pavilions to iconic and popular venues for hiking, sightseeing, biking, hunting, fishing and other recreational activities.

Many national monuments, memorials, battlefields and other public lands remain generally accessible, as are a majority of Bureau of Land Management’s 245 million acres and the Fish and Wildlife Service’s 90 million acres.

Our public lands, urban parks and national memorials can serve as places of solace, respite and even healing in times of challenge. 

So, if your family is bored and tired of all the confinement, this summer would be a great time to get outside and enjoy some of America’s most beautiful scenery at any of our nation’s numerous national parks.  Enjoy and have a great time.

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