White House Says Biden Will Support Any States That Want to Embrace New Lockdowns for Delta Variant (VIDEO)

Here it comes, the idiocy knows no bounds. The White House says they will support any states that want to lockdown again over the Delta Variant of the coronavirus. A new wave that the media and Democrats are trying to panic the public with to gain yet more control over the populace than the last round.

During her daily briefing on Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked if the Biden administration would back new lockdowns should governors choose to implement them in their states. She argued the vaccination rates are likely to prevent that from happening again on a national level, she also didn’t leave out room for new restrictions on Americans.

“If the number of cases continues to trend upward, are there any circumstances under which the White House would reimpose some of those restrictions as cases tick up?  Or would that be up to the states?” a reporter asked.   

“Well, the states are going to have to make evaluations and local communities are going to have to make evaluations about what’s in their interests.  And, as you know, there are much higher rates of vaccinations in some parts of the country over others, and we certainly support their decisions to implement any measures that they think will help their community be safe,” she responded. “But I would remind you, we’re at a point where we’re almost at 70 percent vaccination rate for, well, for 20…adults 27 and older, but almost for adults 18 and older.  So, certainly, we don’t see we’re on track to implementing new, additional national measures.”

Watch the video below from Tuesdays presser where Psaki says Biden would support lockdowns if States decide to choose that path.


As you know by now, the economic shutdowns were far more disastrous than the virus itself. Which has a 99.97% survival rate for healthy Americans.

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1 year ago

Is ANYONE listening to legitimate experts? St Anthony FauxXi isn’t a virologist, epidemiologist nor infectious disease boarded. Merely an internist, entrenched socialist bureaucrat with a god-complex. https://www.oann.com/dr-gandhi-delta-strain-is-not-more-virulent-or-deadly/