Whistleblower Ian Michael Giatti: CEO George Cheeks Directs CBS News to Target and Discriminate Against Employees Based on Skin Color (VIDEO)

Ian Michael Giatti is a former producer for CBS News Los Angeles, and is now exposing the abhorrent messaging and discrimination going on within CBS. He recently wrote an open letter to CEO George Cheeks in which he itemizes many examples of targeting and discrimination of staff simply for the color of their skin and religious beliefs. During this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show, Ian explains why this is happening and how they get away with it.

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Conservatives everywhere understand the bias of the Mainstream Media, which is why Donald Trump’s mantra of “Fake News” stuck so easily… it’s true! Ian Michael Giatti is someone who’s seen this up close and personal while he was a producer at CBS News Los Angeles. 

He’s now sharing his experiences from “behind enemy lines” after witnessing targeting and discrimination against employees based upon their skin color and religious beliefs. These were not isolated events with specific members of management, but actual directives straight from CEO George Cheeks, himself.

The promotion of Critical Race Theory not only in the stories that they covered but actually in the workplace turned out to promote racism and targeting of specific races of people. In this instance it was most often specifically directed towards those White Employees, with denouncements of “Whiteness” and on-the-job training indoctrinating staff with CRT. This led to direct and indirect discrimination against the staff that are white and what stories were reported on.

Ian also experienced discrimination based upon his religious views. I saw this firsthand after he wrote a chapter in the first book that I published called Social Injustice: Exposing the False Gospel of the Social Justice Movement. When the management at CBS LA found out that he was participating in a Christian book project, they called him into their office to try to persuade him to not participate in these kinds of religious activities.

CBS claimed that his religious activities could harm the reputation that they have as “unbiased journalists,” which is laughable in and of itself. If anybody thinks that the Mainstream Media is unbiased, they have another thing coming!

They went so far as to share their concerns with his Pro-Life views, telling him that this was a concern that anyone could think that they supported his views. This is extremely dangerous when you have a company saying what you can and cannot do when it comes to your religious activities and free speech outside of work.

The key point to remember with all of this is that this is not an isolated incident dealing with a small handful of people within the CBS organization. Much of the targeting and discrimination is a direct result of the memos coming from the CEO’s office.

For Christians and Conservatives, we cannot accept this kind of behavior. I believe that we often times think, “Oh, it’s just the way that the Mainstream Media is. There’s nothing we can do about it.” 

I would argue that there IS something we can do about it… we can expose this racist and anti-Christian persecution. We should not tolerate ANY racist discrimination, no matter who the target is. We should not accept that this is just how it goes in the MSM.

In closing, I asked Ian if the MSM is redeemable or if it’s time to just cut ties altogether and rebuild an alternative ecosystem. The reality is that creating the alternative ecosystem for journalism might be the way that we can actually reform the way that the MSM behaves. 

As Ian made clear: “Every corporate decision is a financial decision.” If there’s a market for conservative values, many of these corporations which jump on the bandwagon. It’s incumbent upon us to create that demand. That means supporting conservative news outlets, podcasts and investigative journalists. Shift your attention and finances from the mainstream to those that align with your values. This is how we turn things around in this country.


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