Where are all the Workers at in America? What’s Behind the Declining Workforce in the Restaurant Industry

By now you’ve seen Help Wanted signs at almost every restaurant and fast food establishment you know, and that hasn’t changed since the Democrats in America shut the nation down for almost two years. So the real question is, where in the blue hell are all of the workers at?

It’s a national issue and the reality is it’s taking a massive toll on restaurants and business across America.

It’s been a rough and long few years for America’s restaurant industry, one that’s had to deal with the Covid pandemic nonsense of shutdowns, supply shortages, and now inflation costs of goods.

This restaurant owner in Springfield, Illinois chimed in: “We went from very very good sales, to less than I had on the first day when I opened, says Mark Forinash, owner of Cafe Moxo in Springfield. “I was taking care of just four customers a day for weeks on end.”

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His business returned, but the challenges of the pandemic have now made a new problem, a lack of workers.

“It’s very difficult,” says Forinash. “I can tell you this year we’ve hired more people than in 15 years combined. So it is widely difficult.”

Emily Lewis owns The Salted Lemon and two other Springfield, Illinois eateries added, “There are a lot of people who seem to be looking for jobs,” says Emily Lewis. “It’s just whether or not they are looking for jobs in the industries that are currently hiring right now, which most are the restaurant or food industry.”

So why is the restaurant industry struggling to hire? Experts say the pandemic lead people to look for change.

“Maybe a growing awareness that there are other ways to make money,” says Kenneth Kriz, Distinguished Professer at UIS. “So, we talk about the gig economy or social influencers.”

Now the Federal Reserve says there are currently two job openings for every unemployed person in America. That’s a real problem. A big problem folks.

“What that does is that it gives workers power to negotiate better working conditions, better benefits, better salary,” says Kriz.

Owners like Mark Forinash say times have changed and it’s a different mentality for those looking for work.

“It isn’t that there’s free money,” says Forinash. “It isn’t that people are lazy. They are just re-evaluating what is important to them. How do you spend more time with a family? How do you have a better life without grinding two, three jobs at a time?”

Now another reason for the openings experts claim is that there are fewer foreign born workers in the United States due to the pandemic. However no one is willing to talk about all of those on government subsidies getting a free ride, that’s a no go, you’re not allowed to discuss that at all.

Thanks to our friends at News Channel 20 for contributing to this article.

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