What Was Operation Trust? (1921-1926), The Russian Revolution, and Today (And Q)

Shortly after World War 1, Russia went through a transformation that defined it for many decades. In 1918, a communist revolution took hold in Russia, and by 1918, an armed revolution began as Civil War broke out. This lasted for about 6 years until 1923 when the Soviet Union was firmly established. Officially, the Soviet Union was formed in 1922, but the Civil War did not stop immediately. Some record it ending in October of 1922, some the following year.

The Soviet Union was led by heavy left-leaning individuals. Lenin pushed to end the war with Germany and promised land to the peasants as well as food. During the time leading up to the Civil War and after, there were strikes, mutinies, protests, etc. Much like what we are seeing in America today. Lenin did not hold power long. He led Soviet Russia from 1917-1922, then the Soviet Union from 1922-1924 when he died. Joseph Stalin then took over and led from 1922-1953. Stalinism was implemented in 1927, which translated into a single-party system that ran a police state.

The purpose of this writing is not to show the back story of Russia, but to focus specifically on two aspects: Operation Trust and the parallels to America in 2022. As the saying is often repeated, “those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.”

Operation Trust was a government program that was aimed at defusing the opposition while the Soviet Union grew its roots. There were a few assassination attempts and uprisings during the early 1920s. This was implemented in 1921. It was framed as a revolutionary system and they used many truths in order to lure dissenters.

Those citizens who saw what was happening during this time were caught up in a very nefarious operation. They could freely gather and discuss ideas, which made them feel empowered. Not only was this operation great at getting people within Russia, but it was adept at pulling people from other countries that were a threat as well. Spys even fell for the lies including a famous spy named Sidney Reilly who was lured to the border and captured. He was tortured and executed on November 5th, 1925 according to reports.

Why this historical event was of such interest because there is a movement many will recognize as Q or what the media refers to as “Qanon”. Operation Trust gave people partial truth with strategic lies that led many to situations where they were eventually captured or executed. They gave the illusion that Russia was going to be okay and that those fighting against communism were winning. Today, we have a person, or possibly AI, or even the intel community, that has posted incredibly similar ideas. Things like: Trust the plan. Or the military has been making arrests and Trump will be inaugurated still, etc.

What occurred on January 6th, 2021, follows the same pattern from 1921 Russia. A false flag operation that would then set the stage and tone for a narrative against patriots who assemble or wish to see justice against a rising threat. Only instead of ideas being spread on the ground, ideas are spread through the internet at lightning speed. One thing we saw at the Capital was a large representation of those supporting Q. This is where Ashley Babbitt was shot and killed inside the Capital.

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If you take into account the many things that did not add up including police removing barricades and encouraging people to come inside; police standing down and opening doors where protesters walked in unhindered; how the police took pictures with many protesters early on inside the Capital; how there were people on bull horns barking orders including a woman who was guiding people where to go to drop down to a lower level within the Capital, it certainly appears that there were other hands at play in making this whole thing happen.

Regardless of what the mainstream media is saying, Antifa was clearly present and was provocateuring people. (So were the feds?). One was caught saying to burn the Capital down and then appeared on CNN later saying he was just reporting what was happening. He has been since arrested as more videos come out. There were also the Boogaloo boys present. This is a left-leaning, fully armed, group that backs BLM.

What we know happened in Soviet Russia and the Soviet Union, the entire event that we are seeing unfold is eerily reminiscent of the past. Leftist provocateurs ignited the violence that pulled in many Q supporters and others; who are now on the FBI wanted list and facing years in prison with felony charges, many even currently being held without due process. What does this accomplish? It has effectively taken out a good number of people brave enough to act, removed their weapons, and removed them from the streets. In looking at the evidence, it becomes more and more likely that the Capital was a false flag setup. It is widely believed that it was supposed to be much larger, but the conservative group, in mass, did not partake in illegal activities. Many report even seeing busloads of provocateurs being dropped off on the scene.

Now what are we hearing from Q? Trust the plan; Arrests are being made; The pope has been arrested; There will be blackouts on this date, (which keeps changing); there will be messages over the emergency broadcast system; don’t worry, the military is at the Capital to arrest all the evil people; Trump is playing 4d chess. It is an unpopular thing to say right now, but it is a highly probable scenario that Qanon is the modern version of Operation Trust.

If one takes a moment to compare the similarities between Russia in 1921, and America in 2022; it is scary. You have the Civil War aspect. Then the communist agenda was perpetuated by the left. You have a left leader coming into power who does not look sane enough to last even two more years. Many think that Kamala Harris will be President after they vote for Biden as mentally unfit relatively soon. He has trouble stringing sentences together and has a temper that comes out from time to time.

In Russia, the Civil War was between the “Reds” (Bolsheviks) and the “Whites” (Counter-revolutionary). The interesting note, today they are using “black” and “white” or “red” and “blue.” It’s classic divide and conquers. There were also economic issues and social changes that preceded the Civil War in Russia. Stalin implemented a central economic plan. What is a topic today we hear about? A universal basic income that the government would supply. What occurred in Russia was a rapid economic shift that led to famine and gulags being expanded upon.

The famines led to millions starving to death, and not just in Russia. Ukraine had millions starve as a result. The estimates are between 5.5-8 million starvation-related deaths. Millions were a result of birth defects. At the time, Russia had about 168 million people–which is about 3.5% of the population dying from starvation-related causes. If you take that same percentage today, that would equate to almost 12 million Americans starving in the same situation.

It is unclear what will happen in the next few years. Perhaps Qanon is right and Trump and the military will swoop in and save the day. However, this seems highly unlikely–though it is possible still. But while many think the military is “in control” our sources say that the military is actually currently being purged of conservatives and patriots.

Consider this: Those who know what is happening are not talking. Those who don’t know a thing about what’s happening are talking a whole lot. Many charlatans are cashing in at the expense of hopeful patriots and Christians.

The fact is, we have no idea what’s going to happen. It is quite disturbing that people will put their faith in a single letter “Q” online. No one knows who it is, or even what it is. There are speculations now that it could be an AI system learning how to infiltrate movements; not physically but through false hopes aimed at pushing movements toward violence or hopieum. 

The other interesting aspect of this whole thing is that Q is specifically a conservative-based audience–which has a lot of bibles believing Christians. People are putting more faith in the invisible “Q” than they are in God. Maybe the “plan” will be completed as people believe. But, that gives us only 4 years until this event happens again. What will we see when a Democrat wins the next election and Trump is out of office? This movement is bigger than if Trump gets in or not. We need to focus on preserving the constitution and not losing the moral high ground.

God can do anything, but we can’t put our hope in Q. You and I are the plan.

The following piece was sent anonymously to our friends over at Remnant.News

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