What They Aren’t Telling You About 2020

In this episode of A Stonewall’s Perspective Podcast, Alex interviews entrepreneur and author, Clay Clark! Alex and Clay discussed the fact that 2020 was a massive scam about control for the government. Sadly, many people have fallen for this scam and blindly followed the American government. It is time for us to realize the truth, stand up for the truth, and never get steamrolled like we did ever again! There is a time to stand up and that time is now!

COVID-19 was one of the many scams of 2020, and it still goes on to this day. Many people are blindly believing what they are being told by the news media, and it needs to come to end. The cure for COVID-19 is being withheld from the people because the government does not care about the people. These cures consist of budesonide, ivermectin, and hydroxyloroquine. You can find this information at timetofreeamerica.com. All of the models for COVID-19 said that it would kill 2.2 million people in America. Those models were extremely wrong and they were funded by Bill Gates himself! America needs to wake up.

Did you know that coronavirus has its own patent? According to the US Patent Code 35, “nature is prohibited from being patented.” Therefore, because coronavirus has its own patent it is either illegally patented OR it was created! Hint hint, it was created. Not only were patents filed on the virus, but they also filed patents on the kits for the covid testing. Once again, this information can all be found on timetofreeamerica.com.

In the book of revelation, John warns us about the number 666. It seems as if many things in pop culture and in political realms refer to this number, which is the number of the beast. The patent for the vaccine is 666, build back better is 666, and many more. The devil has a plan for the United States, but Christians have the Word of God and the living hope, which is Christ Jesus!

Many of the people who are very influential are Luciferians. Never trust them! Bill Gates, in particular, has a spiritual advisor by the name of Marina Abramovic, who is extremely satanic. Before Jeffrey Epstein passed away, on his island he had a temple. The high up elitists Are Satanic worshipers. People need to wake up and realize what we are dealing with on a day-to-day basis. We are living in a modern day holy war yet people are blind to it.

There are many more topics that Clay Clark and Alex Stone discuss but you will have to listen to the podcast to hear what they discuss in full! We hope you enjoy this episode.

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