WHAT? Survive Jason With Your Friends At This Campground In Arizona

Looking for something crazy to do this Halloween season? Look no further.

If we made a list of horror movie villains that absolutely terrify us Jason would be at the top. The machete-wielding superhuman’s weakness is water, but how would you survive Jason in the desert when there’s no water around? This month you and your friends will have to try and survive Jason in this live-action survival game. 

Throughout the year On Pins and Needleshosts terrifying F13: Survive Jason nights. This event requires you to solve puzzles to try and find a way to escape the nightmare of Jason. Usually, you can expect two events each month throughout the year. The upcoming events are on Sept.13, Sept.28, Oct.5, and Oct.19. from 6:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m. You’ll have to be 18 years or older to participate in the game.

During each event, you can expect three 25-minute games held throughout the night. Each game there will be 8 players that can team up against Jason or you can try surviving solo. Although each game doesn’t start right away you and your friends can enjoy the pre-game campfire cookout. Tickets are $25 per person and it includes a meal! Each event is held at different locations throughout the year*.

You can find the event details here

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