What Really Happened at the Capitol: Questions that Need Answers

On January 5th, a slew of vocal conservatives including myself, spoke to a sea of Patriots in Washington DC. We were optimistic that our massive presence there would lead to a national audit of the 2020 election, and that answers about all the election irregularities would lead to uncovering the complex and epic fraud to the rest of the masses. By the time I had arrived to the Capitol on January 6th, (in case you didn’t know, the Capitol was breached way before anyone listening to Trump speak could have possibly walked there in time) dozens of people were telling me that the police were just letting people in, if I wanted inside. I sensed a trap and knew the Left would like nothing more than to crucify me for something like that, and luckily I never did step foot inside. Everyone’s cell phone and data service was cut off for over a 1-2 mile radius, and there was no way to communicate with eachother other than in person. By the end of it all, I ended up getting tear gassed for no discernible reason, while I stood on the grounds peacefully chanting and singing songs next to veterans, older people, people with dogs, and other regular non-threatening folks. Thanks, Capitol police. 👌🏻

After walking miles to get out of the range of them blocking cell phone service just so I could get an Uber, I eventually got back to go over all the messages, videos, and statements that were flooding my inbox. My experiences, the videos I looked over, and the testimonies I heard from other people that were there that day NEVER matched up to what I saw being blasted all over the news, TV, and social media. My one attempt to explain what happened on FB got me hit with a restriction for “promoting dangerous ideas” or some BS like that. I never really felt like I had enough of the answers to even write about it…until now.

To better help you understand, let me lay out a timeline in the order it happened:

• Before the election occurred, radical leftist groups were already actively planning to shut down DC and attack the White House in the case of a Trump win. That’s not a conspiracy theory either. The leaders of several radical leftist groups, media personnel, and federal employees were caught on video as they planned the entire “coup” as they called it, during various Zoom meetings. You can watch the whole traitorous act here: https://www.millennialmillie.com/post/election-2020-coup-plot-exposed

Remember Hillary telling Biden “not to concede under any circumstances” even if there’s a loss? I guess now we know why…

• Before the day of the Capital riot, multiple people witnessed shuttle buses of Antifa being escorted in by the Capitol police.

On the day of the actual riot…Antifa were no where to be found. As a person who’s attended dozens and dozens of rallies, let me tell you…Antifa makes themselves very visible, they’re very combative to MAGA, and they always have obnoxious signs and mega phones and can’t be missed. So where were they all that day?

• As footage and eye witness testimony came flooding in after the fact, it turns out people in all-black were seen buying MAGA gear. There’s even a video of 3 of them changing in the bushes earlier that day.

• Videos of cops removing barriers, opening doors, and waving people in start popping up all over social media, most of it ending up getting suppressed and the people suspended. There are also multiple videos of MAGA folk yelling at cops to “do something” and often attempting to stop destructive protesters themselves. These of course, weren’t the clips that made the mainstream news rounds.

•It’s also revealed at this point, that the most prominent person involved inside the Capitol, who perfectly videoed the shooting of Ashli Babbit was revealed to be the leader of an anarchist, radical leftist, anti-cop organization literally called “Insurgence USA” John Sullivan, AKA Jayden X. Who happened to enter the Capital with a CNN reporter. Who happened to have been arrested for inciting violence at another protest where a motorist was shot. Who happens to be the son of Major General Kevin J. Sullivan, who retired after being reprimanded for “accidentally” sending nuclear fuses for warheads to Taiwan, and who now so happens to work for a Pentagon consulting firm which is all part of the shadowy military industrial complex. Who also happened to receive at least $70k for the footage. Who also happened to dress up as a Trump supporter the night before. Why?

• On January 13th, it was reported that both Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell refused to add extra security measures days BEFORE the riot, despite growing concerns and a request by DC Police Chief Steven Sund stating “I am making an urgent, urgent immediate request for National Guard assistance…I have got to get boots on the ground.” Later, John Falcicchio the chief of staff for the mayor of D.C. later admitted “Literally, this guy is on the phone, I mean, crying out for help. It’s burned in my memories.” Why did Pelosi and McConnell deny his urgent request? Why would anyone do that, unless they wanted there to be problems?

• As of this day, the Capitol police have not only refused to charge the officer in the shooting of Ashli Babbit who was clearly and visibly unarmed…but they have outright refused to even identify him. Why? When have you ever heard of that happening during any officer involved shooting, in the history of this country?

• As of this day, the Capitol police have also refused to release the 24/7 security footage inside the Capitol building even though it’s supposed to be public record. Instead they released cherry picked footage, and screenshots of the “insurrectionists” they wanted the public’s help finding. Why? Are there other people or things on those tapes you don’t want people to identify or see?

• The media initially reported that an officer was killed during the riot as they claimed Trump supporters threw a fire extinguisher at him, and that he died the next day from his injuries. That turned out to be a complete lie. Upon review of the video, no fire extinguisher ever hit Officer Sicknick. It took them 3 months after the riot, to finally officially report that Officer Brian Sicknick had died of natural causes (multiple strokes) after walking around fine after the riot for over a day. Keep in mind, two innocent men are STILL sitting in jail without bail for a “murder” that never happened. Why?

• Pelosi used the Capitol riot as an excuse to impeach Trump, having literally nothing more on him than a clip asking people to “peacefully” march that day. Something fake fact checkers admit to…but still list as “party false” for no other reason than to be manipulative.

Prosecutors hand selected specific videos (remember we only have access to what civilians had filmed and posted) and manufactured evidence to use in the case. Let me repeat, they purposefully and knowingly manufactured evidence to use against President Trump in the trial. A tweet made by Jennifer Lynn Lawrence, a former Breitbart writer and then later retweeted by Trump was “recreated” (because Twitter dismantled her account) by prosecutors for the trial. They added a “verified” badge to her profile to make it seem like she had more authority than she did, they changed her profile picture to her of one with a gun that wasn’t there before to be more menacing I suppose, and then changed the wording AND thus the meaning of the tweet by switching out her use of the religious word “Calvary” (a public display of Christ’s crucifixion and reference to a prayer vigil they were hosting in DC) and changed it to “Cavalry” which is spelled slightly differently and refers to a mobile military brigade. Quite a bit of difference, don’t you think? Why aren’t these people including Eric Swalwell who knowingly presented this falsified evidence, in jail for that alone? If these people are willing to falsify evidence in an impeachment trial of a President, what won’t they do?

• In March, the Washington DC’s attorney general announced they would not prosecute any of the BLM protesters that burned down and destroyed the city last summer. Meanwhile the FBI is working overtime to round up every grandma and veteran in a MAGA at the Capitol for questioning. They’ve arrested and charged over 400 Patriots, busted down the door of a woman in Alaska because she happened to be in DC that week in a case of mistaken identity, and even felt the need to send two officers to my own house to investigate me about being OUTSIDE the Capitol that day.

• Did you know that of the only 7 of the people at the Capitol that were caught with illegal weapons…that one was Antifa? They were arrested and then released without charges without an explanation. Why?

• Subsequently, the powers that be in Congress decided to put up razor wire fencing, called in 25k armed national guard troops, and Stryker vehicles in “fear” of what, exactly? That a couple of angry rednecks might make it over the fence? To this day, this “insurrection” is being used as an excuse to target vocal Patriots, censor Trump and his supporters online, and prevent anyone else from protesting anything the Biden administration or Congress is doing at the Capitol. On top of using it to suppress to protests, it was also used as an excuse to NOT do the national audit everyone in the country was screaming for. But why?

Let me play devil’s advocate here, even if we burned the entire Capitol building (that we pay for with our own taxes) down to the ground that day….why would that stop an election audit from happening? You would punish the entire country for the actions of a group of protesting peasants that dared to enter your hallowed halls? How convenient. If the election was truly legit….than why are they fighting so hard against doing a forensic audit? With even 30% of Democrats believing that voter fraud occurred (and that’s with the media black out, censorship, and suspension of everyone like me who posted proof of it) wouldn’t you want to set the record straight, once and for all? Why was election fraud (Russia, Russia, Russia) so concerning in every other election EXCEPT in 2020? Despite the fact CNN, NBC, and even top Dems like Elizabeth Warren all publicly stated how easily hackable these machines and their software are…suddenly the year they unexplainably win (despite a noticeably visible difference in support between the candidates) becomes the “most secure election of our time?” Huh?

America needs to be asking these questions. Why not just do a national audit? Why are Democrats fighting so hard in Maricopa county right now against one? Why aren’t these lockdowns and mask mandates ending even when every person willing and wanting a free vaccine has gotten one? Why did most of our “stimulus” money go overseas for ridiculous reasons like Pakistani gender studies, and not to us? Why is Facebook taking down posts and groups talking about the side effects of this vaccine? Why are fake fact checkers flagging and censoring people all over social media for things that are very provably true? Why isn’t Ruby Freeman in jail when the world saw her hide ballots and pull them out at night and running them through multiple times on camera? She just asked for an attorney and said “This is bigger than me” and no one thinks that’s super suspicious? Why did they pause counting on election night in 5 states that all unexplainably flip from Trump to Biden in large Biden-only ballot dumps in the middle of the night? Why does every single contested state all happen to use the same Dominion software and machines? Why were sinners subtracted from Trump and added to Biden multiple times on live TV that night? Why does the left want to constantly defund the police? Who do they intend on replacing them with? Why are businesses and corporations being allowed to force vaccines on people, when there’s been no long term testing done at all nor any generational side effects studied? Why are people still being forced to wear masks when every study done proves they do very little in stopping viruses? Why are Congress members allowed to vote on energy bills and then buy stock on Tesla? Isn’t that insider trading? Why are politicians allowed to be paid by foreign, competing, and sometimes communist countries like China? Isn’t that a conflict of interest? Why is the NSA allowed to spy on us without warrants, and why are civilian contractors that are part of the military industrialized complex allowed access to all our data? Why can’t we figure out who killed Epstein? Wouldn’t investigating who took him off suicide watch in the first place lead to some kind of an answer?

Everyone needs to turn off the news, get off social media, and start doing their own research on DuckDuckGo (Google suppresses anti-government search results.) Let me give you one example:

In 1964 the USS Maddox reported that it was under attack…except it wasn’t. Navy pilots witnessed the destroyer shooting at literally nothing in the water, and even the ship’s commander sent a retraction admitting it was just a mix of human error and equipment failure. President Johnson ignored the retraction, falsified reports to make it look like there had been one, declared it an official attack on the US, and then used the Gulf of Tonkin incident to get the permission and money he needed from Congress to fully enter the Vietnam War. While it was always suspected that the incident was faked to start a war, later released documents revealed that Johnson 100% knew it didn’t happen but used it anyway.

The only people the Vietnam War benefitted, were the mega-corporations of the military industrial complex that were manufacturing all the chemicals and weapons of war that were killing people. You think Kennedy would have sent American troops to die overseas in a brutal war over a lie he made up? Unfortunately, he was assassinated a few months before and if you’ve ever researched it, then you know the government was lying to us about that even back then.

Find me uncensored on GAB @AmericanAFMindy Apple prohibits the app but the site can easily be bookmarked through your browser app (like DuckDuckGo) for one click access.

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Todd Chadwick
Todd Chadwick
1 year ago

“Why were sinners subtracted from Trump and added to Biden multiple times”??? What???


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1 year ago

Ashli Babbitt wasn’t actually shot. That entire scenario was orchestrated. I’ve seen the video from 5 different angles and watched it broken down in 5 second intervals. Candy glass, fake blood, etc etc.


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