What really (doesn’t) kills Americans

In today’s society, many people spend their time chasing unattainable goals, believing things can actually be free, and somehow think objects are what plagues America with death. For someone to blame an object for an action is beyond comprehension, but if I were to be foolish enough to place blame, the double bacon cheeseburger would be far more dangerous than a gun. If people listen to the Emperor of the United States or what most know as a television, you might walk away thinking a gun beats cancer at taking lives on an annual basis.

Over the years, I’ve worked a lot of motor vehicle accidents and never have I heard anyone at the scene place blame on the vehicle, it’s always, “that idiot was texting and ran the red light” or something of the likes. We can look at Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) who seek to stop “drunk drivers” and understand a car isn’t to blame for a drunk driver’s actions. Yet somehow leftist politicians who use their time frivolously spending our tax money, have convinced many that a gun is primarily responsible for shooting deaths in the United States. Often a hot topic among the left is to demonize specific rifles by labeling them “Assault Rifles.” Assault is an action and an “Assault Rifle” doesn’t really exist, it’s merely a play on words to induce fear. If you are now saying “but AR-15 stands for Assault Rifle 15”, please punch yourself in the face. Any object can be used to assault someone but it doesn’t change the identity of said object, have you ever heard of an “Assault Car?” Regardless, knives are utilized by evil doers to kill more people than so called “Assault Rifles” but you never hear anything about assault knives do you? I won’t get into why I believe our 2nd Amendment is being attacked; I simply want to shed light on the insanity behind blaming an object for a person’s actions.

If you’re typing or you choose to be classy and write a letter, and you misspell a word, I seriously doubt you ever blamed the keyboard or the pen for the misspelling. Far too often we hear politicians politicizing select shootings and preach that guns are killing Americans. They then pretend as if they truly want to save American lives and tell everyone that in order to do that, guns must be abolished. Sadly, this type of psychological warfare is often believed and becomes a social justice culture.

If you or anyone truly wanted to save lives, one would think we would address anything in the top 10 list of what actually kills Americans the most. In case you haven’t realized, mass shootings, murders, or death via “Assault Rifle” isn’t even in the top 10 things that kill Americans. When you look at the perspective of holding an object accountable for someone’s actions or trying to save lives and not even addressing anything in the top 10, it makes the gun abolishing argument seem foolish. Although you should understand, the push for the 2nd Amendment ban holds a much more sinister reason, and that reason has nothing to do with saving lives.

You might not own a gun yourself and that’s fine, just realize a gun like any other object, is never to blame for what you or any human uses it for. If you do own a gun, please be responsible and seek quality training on a regular basis, and if you even need training advice or suggestions, feel free to ask. I hope this brief article has at least made you realize an object can’t make a decision and should never be blamed for someone’s poor decision making-OldGlory.

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