What Exactly is Trump’s America? An OP-ED Everyone Should READ!

What exactly is Trump’s America? You’ve all seen the meme.

“This is Trump’s America.”

The slogan is pasted across photographs of leftist rioters burning down American cities. While Antifa and other rioters burn cities, burn businesses, burn occupied apartment buildings, and burn government buildings, Democrats remain silent.  News outlets bend over backward to keep from condemning the violence, broadcasting such pithy headlines as “Fiery But Mostly Peaceful Protests After Police Shooting.”  Ahh, I remember all the peaceful protests of my youth.  Dr. King, marching along, setting apartment buildings on fire, burning courthouses, and singing with the assembled masses songs of peace and unity.  Gandhi hurling road flares and Molotov cocktails into police cars and mom-and-pop convenience stores.  The good old days of “peace.”

Maybe we are seeing Trump’s America.  But what we’re seeing in Trump’s America is a bunch of leftist mobs who have abandoned civil discourse, political negotiations, personal liberties, public debate, and due process.  We’re seeing leftists incapable of swaying rational minds toward their ludicrous positions and untenable ideas throw temper tantrums instead.  Instead of stomping their feet and screaming and sitting down in the supermarket aisle because they can’t have a fruit roll-up, they’re stomping their feet and burning down your neighbor’s business and screaming to defund the police. 

We’re seeing the far Left in this country attempting to fracture the nation in two because they can’t get their way.  Their ideas have failed at the ballot box, their reasoning is fatally flawed, and their platform is built on the notion that people who create and produce and earn owe the fruits of their labors to those who don’t.  They believe innovators and entrepreneurs and the drivers of our national prosperity and industry should be the fountains and wells from which all others drink, regardless of anyone’s contributions to their production. 

Billionaires should pay more, because “It won’t hurt them.  They won’t miss it.  Who needs all that money, anyway?” Never mind who actually earned all that money.  Never mind what they had to create, how many people they’ve employed, how many innovations were created for the good of all, how much more productive we all can be thanks to their work.  Never mind that their billions are nearly always reinvested in further development, greater productivity, more businesses, and better opportunities.  Never mind that the top 1% of earners in this country already carry 40% of the entire tax revenue burden paid each year.  Never mind that stuff, because we want what they have, and we deserve it because we want it.  Just like that fruit roll-up.  And we’re going to throw an absolute fit if you don’t give us what we want.

It’s probably fitting that this attitude is prevalent on the American political Left.  The Left was always the party of slavery.  It’s always been the party that demanded work from those who produced and denied them the fruits of their own labors.  It’s always been the side of abandoning political discourse and being willing to fracture the Union to keep its hold on its sources of free labor and handouts.  In the antebellum South, it was the Democrats that wanted to continue to profit by its slaves, to continue to build and reap the benefits of those people it could own and exploit, of whom they could demand labor without recompense.  They walked away from their roles in governance and seceded, causing the Civil War, all because they would not give up their slaves.  And now they’re doing it all over again. 

Oh, they may have changed their views on who the slaves are, but the ethic is no different.  If you “have,” then you should be a resource to their whims.  If you produce, then you should be their slave, forced to give of your production to whatever degree they deem fit.  What’s “free” wins elections, and what’s “free” must be paid for.  Not by them, mind you, but by their new indentured servants – the producers, the earners, the innovators.  Make no mistake, the ethic is exactly the same no matter how different the whip may be.  Make no mistake, they’ll happily try to burn it all to rubble before they admit their own lack of reason.

I was looking through colorized photos of the Civil War.  The lifeless, tattered bodies of Union and Confederate soldiers strewn across the battlefields of that horrific war, in numbers too great to fathom, and I couldn’t help but think to myself “That was Abraham Lincoln’s America, just as this is Trump’s.  And for the same reason.”

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Bar Barian
2 years ago

They are useful idiots for the Globalists, who want one big Neo-Feudal State, with them at the top and only enough of us left to serve them and take care of the technology.