What Does Anthony Fauci’s Announced Retirement Tell Us About the Globalists’ Plans? (VIDEO)

Anthony Fauci has confirmed that he plans on retiring from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) by the end of Joe Biden’s term. While this is good news for many freedom-loving Americans, Fauci can do a lot of damage between now and 2024. Why is he waiting until then?

According to Fauci, “I’m going to continue working because I still have a lot of energy and passion about public health, and global public health.” But could there be a more sinister reason why he’s going to retire by the end of Joe Biden’s term as president?

To understand what’s really going on, we first need to understand who Fauci works for, and no the answer is not the American people. Anthony Fauci is beholden to the Globalist Powers-That-Be who want to see America destroyed and replaced by the New World Order, or New Liberal Order as they are now calling it.

Given that fact, it would seem apparent that they need an effective liar and corrupt bureaucrat in place for whatever they have planned next. Given their track record, this could mean that they have another bioweapon virus developed through Fauci’s gain-of-function research. Or it could mean that there’s going to be some genetically modified covid-19 variants. Or something else altogether.

Whatever they have planned, it’s almost certainly worse than anything they’ve thrown at us during the covid-19 plandemic. And, given the timing of his planned retirement, the globalists may be playing their hand that they expect Fauci’s work to be done by the end of Joe Biden’s presidency.

This would mean that The Great Reset is more than likely expected to be implemented by 2024. While many conservatives are looking to Donald Trump to save the day by winning the 2024 Presidential Election, we may not even get to that point if America loses its sovereignty to the World Economic Forum and their cronies who believe that they can hack your brain and take away your free will.

Anthony Fauci’s announced retirement should be a warning that our work to save America has a ticking clock for when we have to preserve our sovereignty as a nation and freedom as the individual. It’s time to get to work.

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