What AFM has done so far in 2018, critiques be damned


We’ve been having a little “troll” problem for those attacking our fund raising efforts. We’ve raised just a little over $15,000 YTD.

For starters, a percentage of that goes to the funding platforms that we use. So here’s a breakdown of what we’ve spent so far.

Trip to Washington, D.C. #1 this year with Josh Flippo, Matt Couch, Bill Pierce +2 Unnamed

  • Rental SUV for Team from NWA to Washington, D.C and back to NWA $1500
  • Hotel Rooms for 5 days in D.C. $1800
  • Meals for Team for 5 days in D.C. $900
  • Gas to D.C. and back to NWA in SUV with Team $300
  • Hotel Stay in Columbus, Ohio Night 1 $380
  • Hotel Stay in St. Louis, Mo Night 7 $340
  • Meals Day 1 and Day 7 Traveling $150
  • Uber’s into Washington, D.C. $120

Estimated Trip Total $5,490

Trip to Baltimore for Deposition with Frank Whalen, Matt Couch, Ty Clevenger +2 Unnamed

  • Round Trip Airfare on one day notice to get to Source $917
  • Hotel Rooms x3 for 2 days $812
  • Uber from Reagan to Baltimore $75
  • Uber to DC $73
  • Meals $500
  • Meeting Room for depositions with sources for 4 hours $400
  • Uber to Airport $30
  • Airport Parking $27

Estimated Trip Total $2834

NRA Annual Meetings Trip with Matt Couch, Bill Pierce +2 Unnamed

  • Hotel Rooms for 4 nights in Dallas $600
  • Gas to and from Dallas $125
  • Meals and snacks traveling for 5 days $600
  • Parking at Convention Center $48
  • Uber Fees $61
  • Tolls in Dallas/Ft Worth $31

Estimated Trip Total $1,465

Las Vegas, NV trip to Campaign for Michelle Mortensen for Congress

  • Round Trip Airfare for two $750
  • Hotel Thursday, Friday, Saturday Night $649
  • Meals for 4 days $500
  • Taxi to Rally $73
  • Car Parking at Airport over weekend $48

Estimated Trip Total $2,020

That’s a grand total of $11,809 spent on travel with our Teams on $15,000 raised. Our Internet for what we run is $107 per month. Cell Phones around $300 per month. The fact that Matt Couch puts in 15 hour days almost 7 days per week. Bill Pierce and Frank Whalen have ran countless report on suspects for free which costs thousands of dollars. This team has spent tens of thousands of dollars of our own money, resources, and man hours. The incredible Larry Beach and Hannibal Moot have been deep researchers like no other. Hannibal works tirelessly and has wrote countless ground breaking articles on this case, and continues to do so.

Our team is tired of having our Integrity questioned by people that don’t have the fortitude to announce themselves, or do the work of what real Patriots do.

Here’s a break down of the expenditures so far in 2018. Question our Integrity, and we’ll shove it in your face. No one works longer, harder, and is more dedicated to these investigations than our team.

From this point forward, any trolls on social media will be reported and blocked. We’re currently involved in two ridiculously frivolous lawsuits, fighting for the truth, and working non stop to make America better, safer, and to see Justice served. We’re the voice of the voiceless, and that speaks volumes my friends.


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