West Point Cadets OD on Fentanyl, this is Bidens Army

As a 12 Year Army Veteran this one upsets me!!

On Friday, 6 West Point cadets on spring break in Florida overdosed on fentanyl-laced cocaine, with at least two still in critical condition after the group of six was found by paramedics. All six were apparently in a state of cardiac arrest at the time they were found, according to The Orlando Sun-Sentinel.

The New York Post, reporting on the incident, adds that:

The six New York cadets — all men in their early 20s — had been partying at a house north of Fort Lauderdale on their spring break, neighbors said.

“We’ve been hearing over the last couple of days, loud music, gatherings,” Dana Fumosa, who lives next door to the Airbnb, told the outlet. “It was guys and girls over there. They seemed to be having a good time barbecuing, and they were in the pool.”

Newsweek, adding to the description of the incident, reports that:

After being alerted by an emergency call about 5 p.m., police and paramedics quickly determined that an overdose had occurred and that some of the cadets had gone into cardiac arrest, authorities said. Paramedics used the drug naloxone, or Narcan, to treat the cadets.”

WSVN, also reporting on the incident, disputes the number, saying that seven cadets were involved in the group overdose. It also reports that police have made an arrest in connection with the incident.

So, six or seven West Point cadets overdosed on fentanyl and suffered cardiac arrest, with two apparently being in critical condition.

While the incident has been used to show the dangers of fentanyl, it also shows just how far our military has fallen.

One person quoted by WSVN, for example, said “We view our military at a much higher standard, and it was just completely heartbreaking.

Similarly, a well-known dissident right account on Twitter, QuintusCurtius, said “What a disgrace. Unthinkable to me that West Point cadets–six, no less–would be involved in this. But here we are. 
Clearly we have a problem with discipline and character training in this country.
I will never stop talking about what I believe the right way is.

Adding to that and explaining why the incident is so disappointing, QuintusCurtius added, in a comment, that: Because it feels like a betrayal. When your supposed “best” can’t even toe the line, it is very disturbing.

Perhaps most tellingly, conservative commentator and lawyer Kurt Schlichter summed up the incidents in two words: “Biden’s Army.”

America’s military used to be the best of the best. Our soldiers won battles, were highly disciplined, and were renowned for their martial vigor.

Now, alongside the wokeness pushed on them under leftist presidents like Brandon, the military has grown undisciplined. Jets fall out of the sky, ships crash into each other or catch on fire, and West Point cadets, theoretically the best of the best and America’s future young leaders, OD on fentanyl in Florida.

That’s a disturbing trend, one that our enemies have to be watching and paying attention to. You can bet that Chinese and Russian cadets aren’t on spring break, much less overdosing on fentanyl.

I spent 12 years in the Infantry, and we lived by the phrase you work hard you get to play hard, but here’s the thing. You didn’t play so hard that you couldn’t train again the next day.

Our military leadership has failed!! And it starts with the person sitting in the White House. The minute the military went WOKE, our military started falling apart. And it’s time for the WOKE military to come to an end. I’ve often been asked why did you get out with only 6 years left before you could retire? And I always say this, because I started seeing all this happen years ago and I knew where it would lead and instead of fixing the issue, they higher ups just let it happen.

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