‘We’re Twerking for the Lord!’ Megachurch Which Boasts DISGRACED Pastor Carl Lentz SLAMMED for Hosting ‘Demonic’ and ‘Blasphemous’ Easter Service that Featured Female Jesus on Cross

Transformation Church, led by Pastor Mike Todd, has faced criticism from Christians for staging a controversial musical play of the resurrection of Jesus Christ that included twerking performers.

The play, titled “Ransom,” which was performed on April 8 and 9, featured women in tight-fitting outfits and a female version of Jesus on the cross, along with pyrotechnics and a rapper wearing $1,050 Mschf Big Red Boot shoes.

Todd’s church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, claims that 500 people “gave their lives to Christ” after the play.

However, traditional churches criticized the performance as “blasphemous.” Frederick Clement, a church planter, pastor, and the founder of By The Book Ministries, labeled the production as “nothing short of blasphemous.”

Similarly, Allie Beth Stuckey of Blaze TV commented that it was “entirely inappropriate.” She criticized the twerking performers, adding, “Apparently, that is supposed to bring people to God. That is supposed to share the Gospel with people.”

Despite criticism from other Christians, Transformation Church defended the performance, saying that it “transformed” lives over the Easter period. Pastor Todd also defended the play, stating that he had “never preached an Easter message” and wanted to “come up with a play” focused on people who do not know God or are far from Him.

Todd said, “I want the person who feels lonely and isolated, like God doesn’t care. I want them to see how amazing Jesus actually is and what God actually did for all of us.” However, Todd’s critics feel that the performance was a “complete mockery” of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

This criticism comes after Transformation Church hired disgraced pastor Carl Lentz, who was fired from the global megachurch Hillsong. Lentz, who previously ministered to Justin Bieber and other celebrities, was exposed in 2020 for cheating on his wife with Brooklyn-based jewelry designer Ranin Karim. His five-month affair led to him being sacked from Hillsong. Lentz and his wife Laura were also accused of abuse by another Hillsong pastor.

Leona Kimes, co-pastor of Hillsong Boston with her husband Josh, announced in a Medium post in May 2021 that she had been “subjected to manipulation, control, bullying, abuse of power, and sexual abuse” by the Lentzes while working at their home as a nanny. The Lentzes denied the allegations, and an internal investigation into their behavior was published by the Christian Post, which found that Laura had punched Kimes when she found her snuggled on the sofa with Carl.

The investigation also alleged that Lentz engaged in another “inappropriate relationship” with a woman he called Germany, who he met in Brooklyn. Lentz was also accused of causing workers to suffer mental health problems by belittling and bullying them. Other former Hillsong church members have compared the church to a cult and detailed incidents of sexual assault.

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