WEF STRIKES BACK! Jack Posobiec Detained at Davos as Police ask Journalists to DELETE Videos of His Detainment

An insane development at the World Economic Forum’s summit in Davos as Journalist and Political Analyst Jack Posobiec was detained by police for covering the event.

In the video below, you’ll see police surrounding Posobiec, and then the tyrants have the nerve to ask the journalist to delete her video because they don’t want to be filmed.

“Excuse me, can I ask you why you’re detaining this journalist?” reporter Savanah Hernandez asked one of the officers surrounding Posobiec. The officer immediately told her to put her phone away, and said, “I don’t answer your questions.”

You don’t realize how free you are in America until you see shit like this!


What appeared to be a spokeswoman for the Swiss police said, “we’re just making a normal police control, because you know, it’s WEF, everything’s very sensitive.” Nearly 2,500 global business, political, and social leaders are expected to attend the conference in the Swiss Alps, CNBC reported.

“Is there a reason he is specifically was targeted?” Hernandez asks the supposed spokeswoman.

“There is a reason, because we have to have a reason to control a person,” the spokeswoman responded, but refused to provide Hernandez with the reason. “I don’t have to tell you that. Why are you asking me that?” the spokeswoman said. She then demanded that Hernandez delete the footage she captured of the interaction between Posobiec, his team and the Swiss police.

Not only are they New World Order globalists and tyrants, according to Posobiec, the WEF even has their own police force to do their bidding with people that speak out against them.

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8 months ago

The EU has gone Full Commie… while the former Commie Country has gone Full Democratic! .. Figures..

8 months ago

Scratch a Swiss and youll find a nazi right under the surface.

8 months ago

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