We warned you about Joy Villa America! Now she’s attacking Top Trump Adviser Corey Lewandowski

I tried and tried to tell everyone about Joy Villa, but it fell on deaf ears. When someone claimed to be a Christian and a Scientologist, that was your sign America. That is the sign of a fraud. You cannot be both, it’s just not how this works. Here’s some more information on Joy Villa that America needs to hear.

Joy Villa didn’t vote for Donald J. Trump, in fact this was her thoughts on Donald J. Trump and his supporters right before the election one year ago.


When you start a relationship based on a lie America, there is no recovery. The facts about Joy Villa don’t lie. Now she has taken this attack on the MAGA nation against one of Trump’s most trusted adviser, his former Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski. Corey Lewandowski is part of President Trump’s inner circle, and Joy Villa used the liberal platform known as Politico to attack and go after Lewandowski with an article released late last night. This was strategically done heading into the Christmas Holiday weekend so that there would be no conservative media to have Lewandowski’s back. She knows what she’s doing, and her plan all along has been to bring the MAGA movement down.


I’m trying to educate you on Joy Villa, some of what we are about to share may be disturbing, but America, I don’t know how else to wake some of you up…

Did we mention that the address that Joy Villa uses for donations is the address to the Church of Scientology?? Oh, this is a fact my friends..


Leah Remini, who’s been exposing Scientology and it’s Ocult corruption even tells you that Joy Villa is a fraud America, when will we stop being politically correct, and be right for a change?

How much more do you need America to see you are being played by Joy Villa with the Corey Lewandowski situation? Here’s some more..

@RealVinnieJames has been exposing Villa for months and months, so have many others. I highly recommend you follow him on Twitter for the truth about Joy Villa. He’s a True MAGA supporter, and real supporter of President Donald J. Trump.






Folks, if you still support Joy Villa, you don’t support President Donald J. Trump. This is the most absurd thing we’ve ever seen. The fact that the mainstream media and most of the Independent Media won’t tell you the truth on Joy Villa, that should scare the hell out of you!

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Joanne Sgrignoli
Joanne Sgrignoli
4 years ago

I admit to being conned by Joy Villa after seeing her MAGA dress performance. Hook. Line. Sinker. Except something had me hold off on ordering her CD. I have an Amazon account. Ordering 1 thing I want takes a minute I learned about Villa’s duplicitousness thanks to @RealVinnieJames on Twitter. I follow him & have great respect for him. The number 1 thing I learned was that Villa is a Scientologist. I’ve known about the cult of Scientology since I was fairly young. My mom taught me about it being a huge fraud perpetrated by Sci-Fi writer L. Ron Hubbard… Read more »