President Joe Biden was at his house in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware for the weekend, again. But that isn’t unusual. He has spent around 200 full or partial days away from the White House, most of those in Delaware. Biden has spent so much time in Delaware it is concerning to many Americans.

Most Americans saw or heard about him falling over on his bicycle and taking a hard fall this weekend. The response of his deputy press secretary was not to tell us how he was, but to tweet a juvenile attack on President Trump.

Biden’s team had claimed that even on these trips, he is constantly on the job, regardless of his location, whether they are on a state visit overseas or just 100 miles from the White House for a short trip to Wilmington, Delaware.

But Biden blew that narrative that he wasn’t on vacation when he gave a prickly response to a reporter who asked him if he would be talking to Chinese President Xi Jinping. Biden answered, “I will not talk to you! I’m on vacation.” But then he said he would be talking with XI. 

Each of those “vacations” to Delaware is costing the U.S. taxpayers about $120,000 for just security alone, not including the costs of the plane and helicopter costs, along with any of the other involved costs.

But Biden’s vacation comment wasn’t the only comment that Biden made to reporters. While that one blew up the fiction that he was “constantly on the job,” he had another one that raised even a bigger question, exactly who is pulling his strings?

When a reporter asked if he was talking to Xi, Biden replied, “I ain’t telling you.” When he was asked if he had made up his mind on China tariffs, he answered, “We’re in the process of doing that.” the reporter, surprised asked if that meant he was lifting the tariffs? 

​Biden answered with this telling comment, “We are in the process of making up my mind. Prepared to sign it and I’m ready to go.”

“WE are in the process of making up MY mind?” Talk about a strange, yet revealing comment. Did he just say the quiet part out loud? Who is the “we” who will be “making up” Biden’s mind? Isn’t he supposed to be the leader of the free world? Why is he in office if someone else is making the decisions?

If he’s “prepared to sign it” and “ready to go,” it sounds like his mind is made up. It sounds like he’s waiting for someone else’s go-ahead. Who would that be? Who’s running the country and telling him what to do? That’s more than a little concerning and perhaps is part of the reason our country is in such a mess.

We appreciate our friends at Republican Daily for content in this article.

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