WATCH: Zak Paine aka RedPill78: The Downward Spiral of the Biden Regime on The Matt Couch Show

Our good friend Zak Paine of sat down with our founder Matt Couch on The Matt Couch Show to discuss the latest in the insane world of American politics.

The two old friends discussed the latest insanity with Russia and the Ukraine, the declining Biden administrations downfall, and so much more.

They discuss Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, the fact that medical providers are refusing to use preventative treatment, and the topics the mainstream media refuse to cover.It’s a great show as two old friends catch up and discuss some amazing topics.


You can watch The Matt Couch Show Mon-Fri on Rumble, GETTR, Patriot TV, Twitch, DLive, Foxhole, CloutHub, YouTube, and more at 11 AM EST.

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