WATCH: Virginia Mom UNLOADS on Cowardly School Board in Epic Explosion

In a video that didn’t make the mainstream media, because there is far too much truth in it, one Virginia Mom has had enough of the tyrannical Draconian school boards in America.

As you know by now, masks don’t work. They don’t help, they don’t slow the spread, and we’re talking about science and CDC data folks. Our facts do not care about your feelings, and the truth is now out.

The Governor of Virginia signed an Executive Order getting rid of masks in public schools. The Virginia Supreme Court backed him up, yet the school boards still think they don’t have to listen to the Governor or the Virginia Supreme Court. They are tyrants who want to be dictators, and it’s sickening.

The video you are about to see that happened about 10 days ago, and of course flew under the radar because no one dared cover it in the mainstream media is eye opening. This is how you handle these tyrants. You’re the parent, these are YOUR children America.

SHE HAD THE RECEIPTS: Last year the Prince William County School Superintendent claimed “her hands were tied” by then-governor Northam’s mask mandate for students…

WATCH Virginia mom Merianne Jensen call out the hypocrisy


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