WATCH: Videos of Illegals Lining Up For Driver’s Licenses in NY Go Viral

New York as we all know is a liberal cesspool. The video’s of hundreds if not thousands of illegal non U.S. Citizens lining up to get drivers licenses is staggering..

New York became the thirteenth state to allow illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses this week, of which there are an estimated million in the State. To “prove” their identity, illegals are allowed to provide expired work permits, foreign birth certificates, and even Border Crossing Cards (which are only valid for 72 hours for a stay in the U.S. near the border).

The States with the highest concentrations of illegal aliens not-coincidentally have the highest percentage of drivers who drive without insurance, and this sort of policy will only encourage even more to drive, exacerbating that problem.

Numerous videos and photos from DMVs around the State showed overwhelming turnout – as if the wait at the DMV wasn’t bad enough.

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Blue Noe
Blue Noe
3 years ago

A license to kill!