WATCH: Video Captures Former President Bill Clinton Unconscious at NFL Game

On Sunday former President and husband of Grandma Death, Bill Clinton made headlines again, and this time for possibly enjoying himself being away from his wife.

At one point during the Philadelphia Eagles vs New York Giants football game, Clinton passed out and was captured on camera taking what appears to be a nap.

The event was of course captured on camera, and if you had to live with Hillary Clinton, you’d probably enjoy passing out in public too.

No word if the former president was up all night with strippers and call girls, or was he just exhausted from dealing with his lovely wife. The world may never know.

“He was spotted wearing a Giants hat at the game,” The Spun reported. “So perhaps he wanted to escape from the disappointment of watching his team lose. It’s not clear at which point in the game Clinton nodded off, but the final score was a brutal 48-22.”

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“Bill Clinton was at the Eagles/Giants game yesterday at MetLife and apparently fell asleep,” tweeted Greg Price.

Check out this video of the incident below.


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