WATCH: Unvaccinated Trooper Loses Job After 22 Years, Sends VIVID Message to Liberal Governor

Washington State trooper Robert Lamay expressed his frustration over the vaccine mandate after serving the public for 22 years. His liberal governor Jay Inslee made a mandate which forced officers to get vaccinated or be fired. His final sign off caught on video.

Show proof of vaccine or essentially lose your job Inslee told Troopers. Lamay filed for an exemption and it was accepted, and then they reneged on it and came back and said that sorry you can’t keep your job with this exemption.

They wanted him to take a lesser position after 22 years, basically they forced him out. It’s absolutely pathetic how our amazing servants are being treated in Joe Biden’s America.

“Did you file for some sort of an exemption,” the Fox News anchor asked.

“Yes ma’am I did. I filed for religious exemption, my family we’re God fearing people, as well as a lot of the other Troopers I work with. They did accept our exemptions for some time, and then they told us sorry, there’s no job you can do with your exemption. So they came out and told us we can retrain you for a different position, but there’s only a few positions, and you’re going to have to move across the state. Obviously it wouldn’t be to the salary that we have, I’m at 22 years, so I’m maxed out in regards to pay. So this is the best that I’ll make the rest of my career. So for me to take a lesser position in regards of pay would be very detrimental to my family. These are the type of actions that they were doing, they were not very open or very clear about how they want to do it. People have very good questions.”

He continued…

“Our Chaplain with the Chaplaincy foundation here, he is being fired. This is a gentlemen, his job here is to push the Chaplaincy.”

So they’re even FIRING Chaplains in Washington State, good Lord..

Lamay ended his sign off in his last night in his car after 22 years with “Jay Inslee can kiss my ass”


Can you believe they are doing this to 20 plus year officers and chaplains? Unbelievable!

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