WATCH: Tucker ROASTS ‘Unemployed Media Critic’ Brian Stelter’s Appearance at World Economic Forum in Davos

This is one of the funniest segments that we’ve seen from Tucker Carlson, as he blasts and shreds unemployed former CNN critic Brian Stelter.

Carlson making fun of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and their elite attitudes and stupidity.

“If this is all starting to sound like a bad CNN segment to you, a parade of self confident dumb people. Rich in self esteem, low in wisdom, giving moralizing lectures to one another’s applause, well let us affirm that for you.”

Tucker continued before sharing this hilarious clip of Stelter at the WEF event in Davos.

“We’re not making this up, America’s favorite unemployed media critic, Mr. Brian Stelter ladies and gentlemen, watch.”

Check this out below.


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