WATCH! Tucker Carlson Says Fauci ‘Has Morphed Into an Even Shorter Version of Benito Mussolini’ (VIDEO)

Tucker Carlson, the top rated host on Fox News Channel, unloaded on Dr. Anthony Fauci this week in one of his opening monologues.

“When the fog lifts and art returns, somebody’s gonna write a hilarious novel about this moment,” Carlson said. “And of course, one of the stars of it will be a nearly 81-year-old bureaucrat who really shouldn’t be driving a car at this point, but who somehow took control of the most powerful country on Earth and then promptly went insane.”

Carlson made the reference to an interview that Fauci had on Sunday on Margaret Brennan’s show, Face the Nation.

During that interview, Fauci addressed the animosity, he has faced among conservatives and Republicans and concluded that there was “an anti-science flavor to it.”

He also argued that attacking him meant attacking science as he represents science.

Carlson continued: “If you tuned in a couple of years ago you may recall Fauci as a conventional public health official. He gave careful and precise answers that suggested deep medical knowledge, no more. After two years of non-stop media adulation, Tony Fauci has morphed into an even shorter version of Benito Mussolini.”

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Cynthia Neu McCluskey
Cynthia Neu McCluskey
1 year ago

The only news source today to truly trust in America is Tucker Carlson.