WATCH: Tucker Carlson Confronts Rep. Salazar Over Russia-Ukraine War and Borders After She Says America Should Shoot Down Russian Planes and Help with No Fly Zone

Tucker Carlson confronted radical Republican Congresswoman Maria Salazar over her saying with a reporter from the Grey Zone that she was for a no fly zone, punishing Vladimir Putin, and shooting down Russian planes.

“I don’t know what it will mean, but freedom isn’t free” seems to be the continued monicker from the politicians in Washington, D.C. and the mainstream media.

Salazar says “that was taken out of context, that interview was not very well conducted because I want to clarify my position.”

“We shouldn’t take a no fly zone off the table,” Salazar barked.

Wait a minute, that would guarantee war with a massive military power with millions of troops, tanks, planes, and who has the world’s largest nuclear arsenal. So why are the politicians in D.C. pushing this war?

Tucker: “If the United States provides weapons to one side in a war, how is that not participating in a war.”

Salazar tries to talk about who she represents and that’s Cuban Americans who are against communism. Tucker cuts her off and says, “look I’m not going to take the anti-communism lecture from anyone, I’m as anti-communism as it gets.”

Notice the mainstream media talking points, where in the middle of the interview Salazar calls it Kyiv, as we’ve always known it to be, and then corrects herself and saids “Kiev.”

It’s a back and forth interview, but she can’t answer Tucker Carlson on why wouldn’t Russia use Nuclear Weapons, aren’t we concerned with this, and of course Salazar has no answer for this.

Watch this heated interview below:

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10 months ago

Stupid clueless wench. I want all politicians left and right to shut the hell up. If YOU want a war mr.and mrs. politician YOU FK’ING go fight, no more from veterans like myself, NO FK’ING MORE!!! Zelenski is a puppet faggot, and ukraine is a money laundering country for politicians and so called elites.

10 months ago

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Dave Menard
Dave Menard
10 months ago

i agree w/her: i’ll even say nuke the kremlin & destroy putins’ seat of gov’t. give him karma.