WATCH: Trump’s Attorney ANNIHILATES CBS News Anchor in Epic Response to Media Lies and Downplaying Doctored Evidence

This might be one of the greatest moments in American history in regards to the fake news media being called out for their lies and hypocrisy.

On Saturday, President Trump’s attorney Michael Van Der Veen was being interviewed by CBS News anchor who literally tried to respond to his proof and evidence that the House Impeachment Managers altered and falsified evidence like it was no big deal

CBS Anchor: “What you’re talking about now is a checkmark that’s a verification on Twitter that did not exist on that particular tweet. A 2020 that should have actually read 2021, and the selective editing you say of the tapes, is that the doctored evidence of what you’re saying.”

Van Der Veen UNLOADED on her!

Van Der Veen: “Wait wait wait wait wait, that’s not enough for you? That’s not enough for you? Wait wait wait No No No!”

CBS Anchor: “I’m not a juror in this trial.”

Van Der Veen: “It’s not okay to doctor a little bit of evidence, respectfully.”

CBS Anchor: “I want to be clear to our viewers when you say doctored evidence.”

Van Der Veen: “The media has to start telling the right story in this country, the media is trying to divide this country. You are bloodthirsty for ratings. And as such, you’re asking questions now that are already set up with a fact pattern. I can’t believe that you would ask me a question that it’s alright to doctor a little bit of evidence.”

WATCH the explosive video below!

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