WATCH: Tony Bobulinski Lays Out The Exact Payment That Was Held For Joe Biden in Foreign Deals

During a bombshell interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, ex-Hunter Biden associate Tony Bobulinski laid out the exact payment that was left aside for former Vice President Joe Biden in a foreign business deal.

“I want to simplify this for the American people as much as I can,” Bobulinski said.

He went on to explain that 10% of the money was set aside for the “big guy.” Bobulinski confirmed that he could “a thousand percent” confirm that Joe Biden was the big guy.

He also provided documents showing how Jim Biden, Joe Biden’s brother, had a mysterious 10% increase in pay.


What are your thoughts on this bombshell interview by Tucker Carlson last night?

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Razin Cain
10 months ago

What are the chances Biden walks just like Hillary? 99.99%

Deborah Cooper
Deborah Cooper
10 months ago

No one is going to investigate or report on the Bobulinsky story. Bill OkReilly reported on his No Spin News that he learned no one will report on it because Biden made the networks, Comcast, basically all the media aware that if they were to report on the Bobulinsky story they would be denied all access to the Biden Administration during their term! Why isn’t anyone reporting on this censorship or whatever you would call it. Doesn’t this expose Bidens lack of integrity & make you wonder why he’d do that? Can we expect Freedom of the Press not to… Read more »