WATCH: Tim Pool Has Seen Enough of Biden and DeSantis Says “I’m Voting for Trump”

One of the top voices in America for podcast and on YouTube Tim Pool has seen enough of Joe Biden and even Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

For some clarity, Tim Pool is NOT a conservative, he’s an independent, and very left leaning. So if Tim Pool says “I’m voting for Trump,” it speaks volumes.

Tim Pool: “After This Week, I’m Voting For Trump. Trump’s a CEO, DeSantis is a COO.”

Watch this dynamite explanation from Tim Pool on why he’s voting for President Trump in 2024 below.


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Patricia Holtke
Patricia Holtke
19 days ago

This website is a total cluster f. It’s sloppy, it’s annoying, it’s got good stuff. But the way it’s presented makes it too difficult to figure out how to see a damn video.