WATCH: Tigers Legend Miguel Cabrera Joins 3,000 Hit Club, Being Just the 33rd Member in the Historic List of Greats

Detroit Tigers Legend Miguel Cabrera has joined the illustrious 3,000 hit club in Major League Baseball, a legendary feat that 99.9% of baseball players will NEVER reach.

Cabrera becomes just the 33rd member of the legendary club, and the 3rd Detroit Tiger in the franchises historic baseball legacy.

“A scout from the Yankees told me, ‘If you make it, it’s going to be as a pitcher.’ He got fired,’” Cabrera joked.

Cabrera is a true hero to many baseball fans in a sport that needs them. The 11-time All-Star has had a historic major league career, and his Tigers are now poised to win eh AL Central for the first time since 2014.

Check out the amazing feat below!


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