WATCH: The Republic of Texas is More Important Than You Think, Chad Prather Explains to Glenn Beck

Chad Prather joins The Glenn Beck Program to discuss why is Texas important for the republic.

If Texas fall will the United States fall as well? Canada continues to become a totalitarian state and tyranny continues to rule of Canadians. Is Canada going to fall?

Chad Prather as you may know by now is running for the Governorship of the great state of Texas. He’s in a heated primary with incumbent RINO (Republican in Name Only) Greg Abbott, Allen West, and Don Huffines.

Prather’s been in every county in the state of Texas in the last 18 months, and has been making campaign stops 7 days a week in a different town in Texas for months on the trail. He’s a true Texan who loves his state, and this is a can’t miss interview with his Blaze boss Glenn Beck.


You can support Chad’s campaign for Governor at

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