WATCH: ‘The Matt Couch Show’ Tours Hollywood Blvd with Special Guests Britt Griffith & JV Johnson of ‘The Indy Gang’ in Hilarious Broadcast

Our own founder Matt Couch of The Matt Couch show had two of his great friends and the hosts of The Independence Gang ( Britt Griffith and JV Johnson on his show this week, and it was absolutely full of hilarious laughter as well as information.

Britt Griffith literally driving around Hollywood, and looking for the 45th President Donald J. Trump’s star on the walk of fame isn’t something you want to miss. Seeing the liberals in their full element was like watching The Crocodile Hunter himself sneaking up on a Cobra.

It’s one of the funniest things you’ll watch all week, and the chemistry of these three guys is something we’re hoping will lead to a spin off show soon. Check it out!


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