WATCH! Texas School District Told Teachers to Turn Parents into Child Protective Services if they Didn’t Support Their Children’s Pronouns

An insane story coming out of a Texas School District from our friends over at Libs of TikTok. The school district told teachers to hide pronouns from parents unless they were specifically asked.

If that’s not enough, this school counselor who was fed up with the regulations and rules of the school district goes on to explain even more horrific and moronic details of the policies.

The counselor informed those listening and the liberal school board that teachers were told to call Child Protective Services if parents didn’t agree with their children’s pronouns and gender appropriations.

That’s right, these clowns will call Child Protective Services on you if you do your job as a parent, and put a stop to this woke bullish*t and garbage in your home as you should as parents.

Watch the insane video below!


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