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WATCH: Terrence Williams UNLOADS on Liberal Media Trying to Blame Trump Over Herman Cain Getting the Coronavirus

Terrence Williams is a staunch patriot and President Trump supporter. He was also at the Tulsa Trump rally not long ago. He’s got some strong words for the likes of CNN and the liberal media in regards to the announcement that Herman Cane has the coronavirus.

Terrence among others traveled to Tulsa, Oklahoma for the first Trump rally in months. Herman Cane was there as well, sitting a few seats from the comedian. The liberal media already in a spin is trying to blame the President for the 74-year-old Cane contracting the coronavirus.

Terrance isn’t about to let that happen, and he dropped some knowledge on the liberal clowns attacking President Trump.


I was with Herman Cain at the Trump Rally in Tulsa Oklahoma.

Stop blaming President Trump and the Tulsa Rally because we were tested before the Rally and After the Rally! After means the same day!

@realDonaldTrump and his campaign put our safety first!

You can watch the video below, Terrence is on FIRE!

Isn’t it amazing how the liberal mob tries to blame the President for literally all of the problems in America. It’s absolutely sickening.

We want to wish Herman Cane a speedy recover, and send out our heartfelt prayers to him. We know he will beat this!

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Craig Dean
Craig Dean
6 months ago

I’m on your side but…

If Mr. Cain was infected at the rally, he might not have tested positive for several days. Thus the argument does not prove that he didn’t get infected at the rally and does not prove the safety of the rally.

Obviously, Mr. Cain chose to go to the rally and that is not DJT’s fault. If that is the point of the email, perhaps you should clarify.


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