WATCH! Tens of Thousands Flood Virginia Capital to Support 2nd Amendment Rights (VIDEO)

Well this didn’t go the way that Virginia Governor Ralph Northam wanted it to. Virginia now has tens of thousands of Americans in its capital supporting the 2nd Amendment.

Virginia Democrats are trying to limit the rounds in magazines, trying to limit citizens to only being able to buy one gun per month, and trampling on our founding fathers words of our ability to keep in bear arms.

The crowds are growing, and it’s insurmountable that the Democrats are not going to be able to steamroll over the people of their great state.

According to Tanner B. Hirschfeld of the Virginia House of Delegates, ” This is the best view of Capitol Square. 9th, 10th, and Main Streets are also full. Many individuals are not entering the fenced off areas and remaining on the streets so that they may still carry.”

Watch the video below of the massive crowds.

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Manuel Laybor
Manuel Laybor
1 year ago

Im just curious how you think a peaceful rally will stop these democrat politicians from laughing and going home to say so what ! Doesn’t hurt me one bit. And continue on as they were.

Daniel Davis
Daniel Davis
1 year ago

Let’s just ignore all the school shootings that are occurring. That’s intelligent.