WATCH! Ted Cruz Destroys Omnibus Spending Bill, EVERY AMERICAN NEEDS TO SEE THIS!

The spending bill that the House just passed, and the Senate will vote on, on Friday is an absolute joke and a disaster for America.

The bill will raise the smoking age to 21, without a debate, without a vote from the American people. That’s right, our soldiers can now go to war, be on the front lines, but they can’t have a cigar. That’s how insane this bill is.

This bill will also support federal research on GUN CONTROL.. That’s right, the CDC, the Center for Disease Control will now be doing research on gun control. I’m sure that’s somewhere in the US Constitution where gun control is a disease, right America?

The bill continues all of the corporate subsidies and tax breaks, a huge Democrat talking point. It also only gives President Trump $1.2 Billion for the border wall, he asked for $8 Billion.

Watch Senator Ted Cruz explain this atrocity below:

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