WATCH! STEM School Students Walk Out on Dem Congress Members For Politicizing Shooting (VIDEO)

Students from the STEM School shooting in Highlands Ranch, Colorado walked out of the event after Democrat Politicians Jason Crow and Michael Bennet made remarks.

The Congressional and Senate members made remarks trying to politicize the tragedy in Colorado.

Watch the video below of the students walking out in the gymnasium.

Ryan Saavedra was one of the first to bring this story to light late Wednesday night, early Thursday morning.

“I am speaking to a student right now on the phone who was at the STEM School shooting vigil in Highlands Ranch and he says that the students became furious after listening to a woman from the far-left gun control group Moms Demand Action, who was heavily politicizing the tragedy:”

This is still a developing story, we’ll keep you updated.

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3 years ago

It seems kids may be getting smarter than their political brain-washers.