WATCH: Southwest Airlines Employee Attends Underage “Drag Queen Strip Show” Then Spits All Over Reporter Who Tries to Question Him

An insane moment as a Southwest Airlines employee who was attending an underage drag queen strip show in Dallas, Texas went absolutely bonkers when he was confronted about attending by a reporter.

It all started when this man attended an underage “drag queen” show for kids at a local Dallas gay bar.

The drag queens danced in a sexual way in front of young kids, with a neon sign on the wall that read, “It’s Not Gonna Lick Itself.”

The Southwest employee identified by investigative journalist Andy Ngo as John Dean, called the reporter a “C*nt” and then claimed she would burn in hell.

The following is from reporter Andy Ngo:

John Joseph Dean, an attendee of the drag event for children at the gay bar in Dallas, Texas, insults & spits on a videographer as he was driving away. The 51-year-old Dallas resident works as a senior engineer for the cyber security team at @SouthwestAir.

There is no other way to put it, anyone who attends one of these events with children should be arrested by local authorities. Any cities or establishments that allow this should have their funding and licenses pulled by the municipalities they operate in. This is child abuse, it is an absolute abomination America!

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[…] drag queen strip show at a local gay bar here in Dallas. Harassed by a pesky videographer for attending an event to show our drag love for Dallas underage kids, our brave employee stood up to the bully, telling her she would burn in hell and strategically […]