WATCH! Snake Slithers Inside Touch Screen Gas Pump in Kansas (VIDEO)

If this won’t make your skin crawl, nothing will. Pun intended by the way.

A snake somehow made its way into a gas pump in Gardner, Kansas.

On Wednesday, Holly Brown Malkames posted the video to her Facebook page of the snake slithering across a gas pump touchscreen. It has more than 7,200 views as of Friday afternoon.

“Went to get gas and there was a snake INSIDE the pump!” the post reads. “At one point it even dropped its head down where I could see it! #creepsmeout #heebiejeebies #slither #pump6”

Malkames told CBS affiliate KCTV that she knew the snake was stuck inside the screen when she saw the head. At first, she thought it was “a trick.”

KCTV reported Malkames said she took the video because she didn’t think anyone would believe her.

Newsweek reported Malkames finished filling up.

According to KCTV, one of the gas station clerks safely removed the garden snake from the pump.

No word on how the Snake got into the machine, but it’s a scary site and thought for gas pumpers.

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