WATCH! Sidney Powell Makes BOMBSHELL Announcement About Arizona Voting Irregularities, Big Tech Moves to Censor Her

Sidney Powell made a bombshell announcement about voter fraud in Arizona, and Facebook aka Big Tech’s fact checkers are working overtime to tell you that it’s not true without any evidence what so ever.

Facebook has no knowledge into the evidence of voter fraud, they are not attorneys, they are not even in the know. But they damn sure can’t wait to try to spin this to favor the candidate they want in office to help them.

Sidney Powell says that 35,000 votes were added to every Democratic candidate in Arizona, and that’s a bombshell announcement. However the media evil of big tech are in full spin mode.

In the video below, Sidney Powell made an accusation about voter fraud, but Facebook’s “trusted” source LeadStories has said that its not true.

Here is their take on it:

Fact Check: 35,000 Votes Were NOT Added To Every Democratic Candidate In Arizona

Were 35,000 votes added to every Democratic candidate in Arizona? No, that’s not true: There’s no evidence to support that statement. In some legislative races, Democratic candidates received fewer than 35,000 votes total, which makes the claim illogical as well as impossible. A spokeswoman for the Arizona secretary of state said the accusation was “absolutely false.”

This is the video they are telling you is false:

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Rev.Sheila Rose
Rev.Sheila Rose
1 year ago

I do not watch the current news at all because its all fake. Sidney Powell and Lou Dobbs are excellent. I do not believe in face book at all. Corruption is massive in this election . The left is beyond evil and the right better straighten up because some of them are sell outs as well. Trump won this election and the evil cabal is trying to cheat their way into a take over .It may come down to removing all leaders because we the people do not trust them any longer. Trump can appoint business men that are trust… Read more »