WATCH: Shaq Takes Hardline Against Vaccine Mandates, Says ‘It is Forced’

One of the greatest players in NBA history, and possibly the most dominant center in the history of the game is taking a hard stance against vaccine mandates, and he’s not quiet about it.

Former 5 time World Champion with the LA Lakers and Miami Heat Shaquille O’Neal has had enough of the liberal mind games.

O’Neil appearing on an episode of “The Big Podcast with Shaq” said he encouraged people to “be safe and take care of your family” but that “you shouldn’t be forced to take something that you do not want.”

When co-host Nischelle Turner pushed back and suggested mandates were not really being forced on people, Shaq doubled down hard.

The exchange between Shaq and his cohost Nischelle Turner is legendary as Shaq obliterates her.

Shaq: “Look I encourage everybody to be safe and take care of your family, I do. But there’s still some people that still don’t want to take it and you shouldn’t have to be forced to take something that you don’t want.”

Nischelle: “I don’t think people are being forced to take, well there are some. Listen we have a mandate at CBS.”

Shaq: “That’s forced!”

Nischelle: “We have a mandate at CBS”

Shaq: “That’s forced!”

Nischelle: “But where I wholeheartedly”

Shaq: “That’s forced!”

Nischelle: “No it’s not forced”

Shaq: “It is forced, because if the man don’t take it, the man gonna get fired.”

Listen Below:

Isn’t it great when people actually stand up for the truth America? I think I’ll go buy some Shaquille O’Neal basketball memorabilia to celebrate!

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